Toddlers are cute muffins. They are so adorable, running around with those chubby cheeks and puppy eyes. But these adorable monsters can also cause havoc. The age between two and six is where there is massive development in cognition such as perception and sensation. They are super curious about everything, and that’s why there is a lot of spilling, tripping, and falling over. On the top of this, there are tantrums. Your toddlers can drive you crazy sometimes. At such times, don’t lose your cool, try to distract them. Here are nine fun things that you can easily do with your little one when they make parenting hard for you.


  1. Coloring

Who doesn’t love coloring? Get to the work, bring out some colors, and some coloring pages or just draw something by yourself and give it to your kid to fill in. They will love it. Along with having fun, they will learn the names of the colors and find new ones too. Heads up, questions such as “Why are the trees green?” and “Why is the color red red?” will pop up. Be prepared to answer them!


  1. Group activity

If your toddler is bored of playing all by himself all the time, it is time for a change. Take him out to a local park and let him play with the kids there. He might just make new friends. Or invite all his friends home and announce that he is the host of the party ( he’ll be thrilled!). Plan some group activities they can do together which will sharpen their cognitive skills.


  1. Gardening

Give him a break from all the video games and staring at the computer screens. Take him to the backyard to let your little one have some fun. Another heads up, so many questions about why leaves are not blue or why mud is sticky are en route. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t answer them. Some are just illogical! So give them a kind smile and talk about something else even if you’re annoyed with their questions. But, never yell at them or ask them to shut up. Poor kids are just curious.


  1. Bake cookies

Children get excited just by hearing the word ‘cookies’. So bring them to the kitchen and have a few master chef classes. Don’t worry about the mess, just let yourself be for once! See them giggling while they try to mix the flour and knead the dough with their tiny hands. However, make sure they are at a safe distance from the cutlery and the oven. And just in case you don’t know how to bake cookies, here is the recipe.


  1. Car wash

Trust us. Your children will love this! The car wash is completely fun. Get your kids into the garage and hold the car wash. Sure, they may be drenched from head to toe, but that hardly matters. Some soap, sponges, and loads of water, that’s all you need to make your kid have a fantastic time!


  1. Dress up

If your little one is making a lot of trouble and throwing fits of tantrums, this is another foolproof way of calming them down. Take them to your closet, and let them choose what they want to wear. Do their makeup as they like, and if you can take the bold step, let them do your makeup too! (Yeah, we know it’s freaky, but your kid will have a good time).


  1. Build a clothes castle

An alternative for dressing up. Get all the clothes on the floor or on the bed and use some lamps or objects that can help with building a castle of clothes. Pretend that you’re living in the kingdom of your house and that clothes castle is your home. Give your kid a crown or a tiara and watch them have the time of their life!


  1. Bubble Bath

This can be used as an alternative to the car wash idea. You will get a wide range of bubble bath salts in different smells and colors. So get a pack of them and mix them in your tiny one’s bath tub. He/she will have lots of fun with all those colorful bubbles!


  1. Scavenger hunt

Thanks to the rapid cognitive development, kids are super active, and they will love any activity that is adventurous. Hide random stuff everywhere in the house, and ask them to go on a scavenger hunt and reward them with treats later.


Kids may give you a hard time. There can be times where you’re tired of parenting, and that is completely fine. Just don’t give in to you bad temper. Distract them, use other methods such as reading books or comics with your kid to calm your child and yourself as well!

This is a guest post by Aradhana Pandey.

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