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I am always amazed and moved by educational options and opportunities that can be made available to children, and how many options are out there. However, often times the youth of today choose not to learn considering learning boring, or something mandatory to do, pointless, and therefore not necessary, and do not really get the spirit of learning, and ultimately do not realize their full potential.

One of the opportunities in learning is realizing what you, as a young person have to offer. Of course, there are always hired jobs available out there, where you can become an employee, but it is so much better to be able to have that bright idea of your own, develop it from the start, and build up your own business. Most people have lots of imagination, and can come up with lots of great ideas to improve objects we use, and services available, but sometimes there is something missing to give that final push, and people end up simply learning certain trades, and simply do the work day in and out for the rest of their lives.

Wouldn’t it be great if people had a box that could give them that final motivation to help them combat their fears, and take the plunge into something they love, and would be happy to explore further if given an opportunity. Well, now they could create that opportunity for themselves by understanding what it takes to run a business, develop a personal brand, get started somewhere.

My mother developed a product herself when she was already over 40. She never took any business courses, and had no idea about how to run a business. I think, in hindsight, this is where most of the problems in her business were stemming from. If you have a killer product and cannot sell it efficiently because you are lacking those business skills that are the foundation of your business structure, Mom, you are going to fail, which she in fact did, unfortunately. Lots of issues contributed to it, but I think the bottomline was – you cannot run a business if you don’t know how to do it. You can try to run it, but you will ultimately fail. This story, however, is not about my mother, but about an inspirational product that will soon be available to young audience to learn about basic business principles, and to get that understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

I have had a chance to watch some of the videos that are part of the course, and I have to say that the methods used to teach the course are ingenious – the videos are highly entertaining, perfect for the young audience, and will not bore anyone, but rather will provide the information in a light and delightful manner that will inspire the crowd, and give that knowledge that will be useful and cornerstone to give young people an understanding of what it is like to develop a personal brand, build a brand from the start, run a business, and be successful at it.

Whoever said that schooling and courses have to be boring has completely missed the point – this course package proves that it is possible to learn while being entertained, and there is no need to have to suffer through learning to receive proper and balanced education in business. Also, business knowledge does not need to cost a lot of money, and having a business degree is not always necessary to be successful – how about watching a few videos from the Cube to learn business instead of a few entertainment shows for a few days a week? This course package by YPD proves that business education can be quite easily available for young people, and it is possible to develop skills for business without needing an advanced degree.

Do you have a child who is keen on learning new ideas, and has a lot of ideas about what he/she can create? Support the Cube by YPD on Kickstarter to help launch this course platform, and you will be able to take advantage of what the courses in the Cube have to offer, as well as help develop an online community of like-minded young entrepreneurs and parents to learn about new content, challenges, webinars, articles, video tips, forums and monthly events by YPD.

One of the most moving lectures about the future of education that I have heard in the past few years was by Ken Robinson where it talked about how children do not just learn in schools, but learn what they are passionate about, and that is the only way they become successful. You cannot teach someone a bunch of skills and tell them that they are good to go – this is simply not enough. It is important to find what children are passionate about, and then help them develop their passions for them to become successful. I think this YPD project has that kind of hope, and I would love to support it – learning how business works in a series of engaging videos, motivating the youth to develop their passions, and helping struggling communities is what this project is all about.

YPD agrees to sponsor a teacher in a high-risk community in the US for every 10 CUBES sold on Kickstarter. Teachers will be trained in this methodology, and will be able to teach it at a high school level for credits.

Franco Soldi, the creator and founder of YPD and the Cube said the following, ‘It goes to market at a price of 99 Dollars, as a high quality method that is accessible for everyone. All skill development segments are presented in challenges in high quality DVD’s, Action cards with the “lesson’s” key points and a challenge calendar (80 days -11 weeks-) to record growth and stay on pace. The content is delivered through 100% digitally produced HD videos. One payment and you will be a CUBER for life (including access to the online community, new content and challenges)”

The coursework in the Cube will be available both online and offline in DVDs. I think the price is very affordable considering the quality and the amount of material contained in the courses, and these courses are very easy to follow, and are super entertaining for young kids.

Here is the Kickstarter page for this campaign and product – 

Let me know in the comments what you think about this idea, and if you would like to contribute to help this project get off the ground!

This is a sponsored post. Sample of the course was provided free of charge for reviewing.



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