Today was a total hack – we had scrambled eggs, a can of beans, fried plantains, rice and lettuce. The meal felt like Dominicana, but tasted not so great except for the eggs – they were great! I have to say I have to plan my meals better! Will do from now on. Here is the plan for the rest of the week:

Wednesday – dinner out – Vegetarians of Washington – should be fun and delish!

Thursday – defrosting a roast

Friday – egg frittata

Saturday – chicken curry, pizza

Sunday – more chicken curry? will attempt to plan for the next week on Sunday as well

Despite my attempts to stay within the budget, we are really running low on lots of foods. I have to make more homemade bread this week, have to pickle some cucumbers (will try tomorrow probably), and make some more cool recipe dishes this weekend! More posts to follow – stick around!

I have also got my veggies this Monday. Here is what I have left for now – (the picture is not my best, hard to do when you are holding the baby with one arm) –

photo (10)

  • Yellow Straight Neck Squash, Organic – 1.25 pounds
    SunFed, MEX. details…
  • Green Beans, Organic – 1.25 pounds
    Pasha, Mecca, CA. details…
  • Sweet Onions, Organic – 1 each
    Heger Organic Farm, El Centro, CA. details…
  • Hass Avocados, Organic – 2 each
    Las Palmalitas, Carpinteria, CA. details…
  • Tasti-Lee Tomatoes, Organic – 1 each
    Nature’s Nectar, MEX. details…
  • Red Bell Peppers, Organic – 1 each
    Wholesum Family Farms, MEX. details…
  • Cucumbers, Organic – 2 each
    Good Day Produce, MEX. details…
  • Green Kale, Organic – 1 bunch
    Frazier Lake Farms, Hollister, CA. details…
  • Cameo Apples, Organic – 3 each
    Domex Superfresh Growers, Yakima, WA. details…
  • Navel Oranges, Organic – 4 each
    Eco Farms Citrus, Temecula, CA. details…
  • Tommy Atkins Mango, Organic – 1 each
    Purity Organic – Mexico, MEX. details…
  • Lady Alice Apples, Organic – 5 each
    Rainier Fruit Company, Selah, WA. details…

Here is what I am going to make of these veggies and fruits –

Frittata – squash, bean leftovers, bell peppers, kale

pickle cucumbers

snacks – apples, oranges, mango

kale as a side dish

baby food – apples, avocados

make salad out of cucumber and tomato as a side dish for Thursday

I receive my veggies from Full Circle farms weekly. Get 40% off your first @FullCircleFarms organic produce delivery. Use my name & code FCREFER during sign up.

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