My financials are catching up with me – I need to have a plan what to do. We live on one income, and it is not easy when you have children, and a lot going on in life. I find that we somehow end up having incidental spending on something major breaking almost every other month, or sometimes even every month. It is either something in our house, or something in the car, or something major happening like childbirth, funerals, flooding, car accidents, international flights, surgeries, hospital stays, yada yada yada. Seriously, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong here. This is on top of all the regular monthly bills like electricity, water, garbage, HOA fees, taxes, taxes and taxes again, and wherever else this money goes… Anyways…

I have gone through everything I could at this point to reduce, reuse and recycle. I don’t throw stuff out, I use it until it disintegrates literally. Or I just eat it…. maybe not, but you know what I mean. It is hard to run this ship, and a lot of the times I feel like I am on a sinking ship. I have to get a major overhaul of my spending to be able to continue living, really. We are going to face a day in our lives when we are actually not going to have any money left in our bank account, and this day is coming.

I have to make clear goals, and follow through. To me, I want to face a real challenge now, so that I can say that I have really done everything I can.

Here is the challenge. I need to start reducing my food budget to a point where I don’t spend anything on food, and food becomes not an issue of money. Is that even possible? I want to be able to grow my own food, or obtain food through other ways where I have no actual money outlay. What are my options?


Food swaps!


Obtaining gift cards through my online activities, and buying food on gift cards!

Getting small gigs in exchange for food!

Dumpster diving! No, not for me.

Garage sales!

Winning small lotteries/giveaways and selling my winnings!

Another challenge is my desire to try more subscription boxes!

So, here is what I am going to attempt to do. I am going to have a budget of $800 and try up to 10 food boxes per month for the next few months. I have been thinking about this challenge for a long time, and the challenge is in trying to stay within the budget, still eating good food that we usually eat, still enjoying all the things that we usually eat without eating only rice and beans. The challenge is to see whether it is possible to eat fairly healthy, try to cook homemade foods, and still stay within the budget.

We live in the suburbs of a fairly expensive city, so this budget for us is hard to meet, as we usually spend close to $2000 per month on food. There is also another condition that I have to follow in that this amount will be feeding just us for all of the meals except for my husband’s lunch. I cannot get my husband to eat homemade meals for lunch, he just won’t do it. He usually goes out for lunch, so that means that he will always be an expense, and I have to just take him out of the equation for this challenge. While for some people $800 is too much to spend on food, I believe that this amount will barely let us cover the basics. We do end up spending a lot on our food, so thhis will be a challenge.

Throughout this month I will be posting exactly what we buy, and a breakdown what we do with the food.

I am hoping that even if I don’t manage to meet my goal, this will make me more accountable as to what I buy and what we eat, and I will try to make our meals as healthy as possible at the same time.

Let’s see if I can do it!






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