This past week on Thursday we have received a new CSA box of food – we are so excited! We are ordering right now a Local Choice CSA box from Growing Washington.

We have been amazed by the quality of the vegetables and fruits that went in the box. They were all farm fresh! The spinach that we got was so fresh, it looked like it was just picked! You can never get this freshness and quality from the stores. This box is all local, and we are eating whatever farmers themselves are eating. The box is also very affordable. I don’ get to pick what goes in it, but that is half of the fun, because then I get to design my meals based on what comes to my mind.

Yesterday we had shelling peas, that I first shelled, then boiled for about 8 minutes, and then fried with some proschiutto, bacon fat, and fresh mint from the box. My husband added some balsamic vinegar to this as well. The dish was out of the world! It was restaurant quality! OF course, my kids wouldn’t eat it, except for the baby who enjoyed the peas with butter, but my husband and I LOOOVED the dish!

We also grilled garlic scapes with steaks and that was lovely!

Here is what I have left of the box so far:

– apricots – we will eat them fresh and raw

-some garlic scapes – we will grill them

– head lettuce – we will make salad

– beets – we will make a cold salad

– clover sprouts – ?

– kale – lacianato – we will braise it with garlic and balsamic vinegar

– 3 apples – we will eat them raw, and make baby apple sauce

– fava beans – I will boil them, and then fry as well, with mint and prosciutto, like I did with shelling peas – should work!

– mint – I will make cocktails, and add mint to my dishes

– spring onions – I will use onions in some of the dishes, maybe add them to salads – I will have to think here

– rhubarb – I want to make more of my strawberry rhubarb squares recipe – this one is so good and easy to make!

– Asian cucumber – probably will make salads and will make a quick pickle out of this one

I am only concerned about clover sprouts, as I am not sure how to deal with them. I will have to look up some recipes! Any ideas?

I will try to post my meal plan for the next few days this weekend as well. This is a bit hard to do, but now that my kids are at home, we should be able to do more meal planning, and less stress getting out to activities, so hopefully, I will be able to do it some time today-tomorrow. I am very excited about using this amazing produce that I have got – it is really great quality stuff!


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