Meal planning for the coming week

Saturday evening – we had garlic scapes grilled, haloumi cheese grilled, flat iron steak, polenta, lacianato kale braised, fava beans with Italian salami and mint, compound butter, quick pickled cucumbers for dinner tonight. One of those dinners I will remember for a long time.

Sunday breakfast – will make pancakes

Sunday lunch – hot dogs, braised cabbage with apples and carrots

Sunday snacks – apples, carrots with caramel sauce

Sunday dessert – will make strawberry and rhubarb squares

Sunday dinner – hamburgers made from chuck roast, braised lacianato kale, leftover garlic scapes grilled, will make salad out of head lettuce, quick pickles

Monday breakfast – waffles with caramelized apricots

Monday lunch – will make little pigs in a blanket using dough boy dough and some small hot dogs, salad out of lettuce and clover sprouts, carrots with guacamole and hummus

Monday snacks – apples and sweet potato chips, hummus and guacamole

Monday dinner – chicken thighs for dinner, beet salad, quick pickles

Tuesday breakfast – bagels with cheese, butter, peanut butter or strawberry jam

Tuesday lunch – pita bread with turkey, lettuce and cheese

Tuesday dinner – chicken thighs for dinner

Wednesday breakfast – waffles with rhubarb compote

Wednesday lunch – chicken patties with pita bread, lettuce, boiled peas

Wednesday dinner – homemade pasta, burgers

Thursday breakfast – scrambled eggs, bacon, English muffins

Thursday lunch – will make pigs in a blanket using some dough boy and small hot dogs

Thursday dinner – new vegetable box, hot dogs or frozen orange chicken and rice

Still left to eat – 1 apple, some mint, spring onions, rhubarb, cherries


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