Tonight is late, and I am tired as this was really the first week of my kids at home for summer break, and we have been working hard on the house trying to clean it up. I have also been working hard on my blogging. Those who blog know that just writing up posts themselves is a small part of what I call “blogging”. There is a lot of marketing, spreading your word out there that is part of blogging. Nobody wants to write and not get read, so hours and hours during my days are now spent doing the back work of blogging.

I have to say that I have been blogging for only about 2.5 full months, and my blogging is starting to pick up. I wouldn’t be able to make a living out of it yet, but at least the time I spend on blogging does not go to complete waste.

Sorry, I have been ranting all day today, I don’t know what is up with me. Does this ever happen to you?

Anyway, what I have been trying to say is that I have made some goals at the beginning of the month as a challenge to myself and my family. The goal was to spend $800 on food and $300 on cleaning and grooming, and to make daily meal plans. I have certainly failed for the first two. I will be attempting to make some meal plans now for the coming week.

Yesterday we got our CSA box, and it was amazing, yet again! The best part is that everything comes super fresh, and lasts longer than grocery store food or other farm fresh food we used to get. We had a great dinner yesterday using up a lot of the produce, and some frozen items. Here is the picture of what we have had.

And here is the picture of what we have received in our CSA box.

Here is a list of what we still have left, and what I am planning to make out of it –


beets – will make beet salad, need ORANGES (1)



lettuce – will make Caesar salad – will need to make or buy Caesar salad dressing

pea shoots

zucchini (4)






So, as can be seen, I still have to decide what to make out of most of these items, as some of them like pea shoots and purslane I am not super familiar with, so I will have to research my recipes a bit. Something to do tomorrow. I also need to start planning my meals better in order not to overbuy in stores. This is a big one. I need to restrain myself a lot, and try to use what I have, instead of buying something. To be continued….


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