This whole week we have been so busy, and this morning we finally got a bit of rest. We went to Edmonds beach area, and strolled around with the baby. There was a lot of fog over the water, so it was hard to see, but the breeze, and the air were refreshing in the morning.

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Then we had a day full of activities! We have tried a lot of the products today that I got for reviews. Most were really great. I am going to try to post reviews of my salad spinner, my new milk frother, and a bunch of other items I tried in the next little while.

Also, this past week we have been to our local Bothell Country Village, and I am going to make a post on that soon as well. This was an event for the past Tuesday. Tomorrow is Friday, and the Country Village is going to have a little market on, we may stop by again, I haven’t decided yet.

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Today we have received our new CSA box as well. This one was also jam packed with vegetables to eat, and we are all set for the week. I find this Growing Washington CSA box is always full of amazing vegetables, but goes a little low on fruit so far. We may have to start supplementing the fruit from farmers’ markets now.

Here is the list of what we’ve got today in the CSA box:

Asian cucumber – will make pickles

summer squash – will make zucchini pasta


head lettuce – will make 2 salads

Italian basil – will be used in pastas throughout the week



Swiss chard



bok choy – this one I don’t know. It is just one plant of bok choy, and it shows traces of worms eating it. I may have to toss this one.

Purslane – still haven’t figured out what to do with this one.

Green cabbage

Red beets

Fennel – have already used up the greens, now have the root part left to use

sweet cream butter

Here is the list of meals I am going to have this week based on these dishes, and what I have in the fridge and my freezer:

Friday lunch – mac and cheese with hot dogs

Friday dinner – Borscht with green cabbage and beets; marinated shrimp, rice and broccoli

Saturday lunch – probably will be eating out

Saturday dinner – pickled cucumber, lamb stew and sweet potato gnocchi with sage butter

Sunday lunch – probably will be eating out. We have just found a new restaurant in Lynnwood just opened – Chick Fil A – this is a restaurant that we have never seen in WA until now, and we have heard so much about it. We have eaten in there when we were in the South throughout life, but never here, so this is in our plans for the weekend.

Sunday dinner – pickled cucumber, zucchini pasta, salad, braised Swiss chard, chicken curry

Monday lunch – chicken patties with quesadillas, cheese, lettuce

Monday dinner – homemade pizza (will need to get tomato sauce for that)


Will still have purslane, bok choy, fennel, carrots, salad left. May be able to make some baked summer vegetables out of those for Tuesday – Wednesday dinner.

We also have a lot of vegetables growing in our garden that we will probably be supplementing from for next week. Sounds like we are all set for the week now – I am excited!

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