I have been slacking with meal planning just as much as I have been slacking with budgeting. I will update this meal plan also with the food I got at two stores I shopped at, and will try to plan for the next two weeks here.

Cabbage green – will make cole slaw, cabbage soup

leeks – will make soup

Tomatillos – will make green broiled salsa

Purslane – I don’t know how to eat it???

Peaches – perfect for snacks

Summer squash – will make into veggie pasta

Head lettuce – salad

Onions – fresh yellow – will use in my soup

PEppers – green Bell – will make tomato salad

Bok choy – not sure

Carrots – will boil for the baby, potentially make carrot cake, and use in my soup

Cucumbers – use in tomato salad

Tomatoes – salad


Tuesday Lunch – salad, barbeque ribs, cole slaw

Tuesday Dinner – meat burgers, tomatillo salsa, veggie pasta

Wednesday Lunch – boil carrots, make broth, make cabbage soup

Wednesday dinner – tomato salad with feta cheese, meat burgers


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