In this post I am going to make a list of what I have right now available, and try to plan out my week coming up.

Today I have received the next instalment of my veggies from Growing Washington, here is what I got –

Veggies I have from this week’s delivery

Yukon potatoes => side dish on Sunday

Red onions – use as needed

apples, lots of pears – snacks

cherry tomatoes => will make agro-dolce sauce – will need to get some fish for that for Saturday

braising mix greens => side dish for Friday

carrots => will work on carrot cake and carrot salads Sunday, Monday

mixed sweet peppers – snacks, ? will have to think what to do

tat soi => braising on Saturday

hot peppers – to freeze

Asian turnips – pickle for Tuesday

tomatillos – make salsa for Monday

radishes – pickle for Wednesday

Italian basil – ?


Here is my menu for the coming week –

Friday – braised mix greens, eggplant Parmegiana (need parmesan), pork tenderloin (?)

Saturday – fish with agro-dolce sauce, tat soi braised, carrot salad

Sunday – potato dish, ham (will need to defrost), carrot cake

Monday – tomatillo salsa, tacos (will need to buy ground beef)

Tuesday – pickled radish

Wednesday – pickled turnips

What is left from the past week – basil, cilantro, lots of tomatillos, tomatoes

Also have in the pantry right now to use – fish soup, bread, ricotta, mascarpone, slicing cucumbers


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