I was going to go to bed tonight, and then I didn’t. I have been working so hard today on this blog!!!!! And I am continuing!

This week in terms of meals didn’t quite go the way I planned, but I have been able to use a lot of my vegetables, which is great. On Saturday we went to an Everett Sausage Fest. We ate there – I had salmon, my husband had sausage, and our kids had pizza. We also enjoyed an elephant ear, and some candied nuts – what a treat. They have a great huge chestnut tree there in the vicinity, and that tree had so many chestnuts on the floor around it, and in such a windy day chestnuts kept falling off the tree, but we ended up not picking any up, unfortunately.

Then we went to our new Costco in Lynnwood that just opened – we were hoping to snag some free samples, but they had maybe 1-2 samples in the whole store, which is much less than we are used to, and crowds of people – everyone must have been looking for those samples! We spent a fortune there, but we needed it, so now I have some budget nicks to report – my budget is dwindling, and I still have 3 more weeks of October to go!

Here is what we have left now in the budget – $454.79 for food for the rest of the month. Also, 292.61 left in terms of cleaning supplies. I think at the end of the month we will switch to eating soap and laundry detergent according to my Math, right?

Here is what I still have left in my pantry to work with now –

Italian salami, pork tenderloin, bacon, lamb leg, chicken patties, limes, Parmesan, snacks, bread, coffee, coconut shrimp. I also have some move veggies and fruits left – sweet potatoes, red onions, apples, pears, cherry tomatoes, carrots, sweet and hot peppers, Asian pears, tomatillos, Italian basil

My menu for Wednesday – gnocchi and pork tenderloin roast with brown sage and butter

My menu for Thursday – lamb leg with pasta and new veggies from my new delivery

Will I have enough money to last me till the end of the month? Probably not, but I will be trying hard eating what I have – frozen food and pantry, as much as I can!

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