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I have been publishing top trending beauty tips every day now, and I can say there are so many tips and tricks available! Even though there are tons of products in the market, people are often trying to cut corners, and save money using what they already have on hand, and avoiding overbuying extra accessories and products – I can certainly relate!
So, without further ado, if you are like me, I want to recommend these 60 second beauty hacks every girl needs to know about to help get more organized with the tips available, and have everything on hand in one post via 60 second beauty hacks every girl needs to know about.


Now, if you know what I look like – you know I could probably share my eyebrows with a village (yeah, yeah, I know, I have been teased before for my Brezhnev’s eyebrows). Even with that in mind, I am kind of lucky. I don’t really like to see drawn eyebrows. I don’t understand why people pick the eyebrows, and then draw them on with a pencil (?!) Let me know in your comments if you have any idea….
This second hack is trending right now and is all about cool eyebrow tricks! You better believe it – there are 10 eyebrow tricks in these videos via 10 WEIRD EYEBROW HACKS YOU NEED TO KNOW!
I need to give my eyebrows a fix, maybe I will be inspired after watching all the videos!

OK, the third hack is a bit odd to see on my blog. Ok, this is going to be a long story here, buckle up.
So, if you are not familiar with what I do – here is a quick rundown: I run several blogs right now, and they are mostly concentrated around family topics, like food, kids activities, and trends to help you, my readers, decide what’s for dinner, and what to wear or buy if you are looking for the bestest new product, what to make when you have free time and restless hands for crafts, etc.
I rarely write about politics here, I would say almost never.
The reason for that is that this blog is not supposed to be alienating anyone.
If I start expressing my views in my blog about my political affiliations, this blog will kind of fall into a non-family friendly territory, so I always do my best to stay away from disputable topics here.
If you don’t know yet, I will tell you….
I am originally from Russia, somewhat.
And today, on Twitter, the most trending topic was actually Russia.
So, I cannot leave this topic out of my scope for today.
And the third trending hack for today is actually the story about the Russian hackers, and the implications on the politics that come out from this whole story.
As someone who follows the Russian press, I have to say that the atmosphere of hatred to America has been permeating the press in Russia for quite some time now.
Most pro-Kremlin sources, and Russian main propaganda TV sentiments about America are not shy to bring back a lot of old Cold War stances.
Which is a shame.
It is interesting to see though now, how the media in the US is starting to simply blame the Russians for the DNC leak, without actually discussing all of the other issues that this leak brings up, very much the same way like things are discussed in Russia – it’s all the Americans to blame for all our issues. It is very curious for me to see, as I read both Russian and American news media, and the tendency is disturbing to me – why can’t everyone just live in peace, stop hacking each other, and concentrate on the positive, why, why and why?
I will be curious to see what your ideas are on this issue, if you like to share them in your comments.
So, speaking about the hacks in the news, this story has been quite popular today, and gives you a good breakdown of what these hacks by the Russians are all about – if you are somewhat curious about politics, I encourage you to read this piece –
The Real Paranoia-Inducing Purpose of Russian Hacks via The Real Paranoia-Inducing Purpose of Russian Hacks – The New Yorker

Are you still with me?
Hey, there is a lot more to read, and learn about!
This 4th popular hack today is all about how to relax in the summer with a bit of alcohol to cool you off.
While I am not a proponent of hard alcoholic drinks, and barely drink anything, other than coffee, tea, and pop, I do feel that a cold beer can be extremely refreshing in the summer – often much more refreshing than any coke or pepsi. Here is a list of hacks for you, if you do drink, of course – I apologize to anyone who does not drink – but this seems to be a trending hack list – 7 essential boozy hacks to help you chill out this summer via 7 essential boozy hacks to help you chill out this summer

The final item that made it to the list is a story about travelling hacks. Some of these I can so relate to. So, here is a question – what if you don’t have any of the items you need from this list – wouldn’t it be easier to just buy new products?
As an example, I have seen these special seat organizers that go very well on your seat, and the kid in the back seat gets a whole bunch of pouches with various items like books, coloring pages, little games, and snacks – what fun! In this list they are suggesting using a show organizer for this purpose. I really don’t know if I want to dig out my shoe organizer, and use it for snack pockets next – why not simply get a new one, or get a special organizer for the backseat, instead of repurposing your old shoe one??? Not sure how this idea is an ingenious one on this list, hmmm…
Another one tip they are giving is using a big organizer, like a tacklebox, and stuffing it with all of your favorite snacks. While this is a necessity for our road trips – having lots of snacks, I can easily see me toppling this whole box all over the car as well. So, for me, and for my family (yeah, we are all super awkward), I am not sure that having all of the snacks in one giant box is a good idea. Then the snacks are bound to at least get all mixed up, and before you know it, my middle daughter is going to say that she can’t eat mini marshmallows because they have touched my salty sunflower seeds.
Anyway, there are some neat tricks and tips in this article 9 Road Trip Packing Hacks to Make Traveling Easier via 9 Road Trip Packing Hacks to Make Traveling Easier, and it is so popular now with all of the summer travelling going on! I am hoping to get to travel a bit this summer, maybe we will even get to go on a summer trip!

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Please, share what you are struggling with, and how I can improve your summer for you! I will be happy to feature any specific issue on my blog, and research a topic you are looking for – just say the word!

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