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We have posted many blogs discussing the functionality of freebie websites and how you can differentiate between legitimate offers and the fake or already expired ones. This time, we’re going to discuss all the different ways and tricks that will help you receive more freebies. The ways that we’re going to discuss below are simple enough but you must remember that having the right plan to action and consistency are your keys to success in the freebie world.

Don’t Rely On Just One Freebie Website
If you want to be a freebie hunter then there are, luckily, hundreds of freebie websites on the Internet waiting for you. But the thing that you wouldn’t want to forget is that there are a lot of freebie hunters out there too. That means you’ll have to compete with them for a decent giveaway product and your approach towards freebie hunting has to be proactive. If you use only one website for freebie hunting then you are probably losing out on a lot of other potential freebies. You must at least visit 3-4 freebie websites, the best of them, on a regular basis.
Request More, Win More
Besides staying updated with what each different freebie website has to offer, you must request a lot of freebie samples as well. By doing so, you will be improving your chances to win more samples. It is very likely that the samples that you request might never make it to your doorsteps because there are a lot of freebie hunters availing themselves of a single offer. That is why requesting a number of freebies will increase your chance of getting more. You should think of every offer as a probability that might not pay off but you’re still improving your odds. A lot of freebie hunters get discouraged when they don’t receive the requested freebie sample, instead of losing hope, you should consistently apply for more. You might be putting some effort at the start but soon enough your mailbox will start flowing with freebie samples and products.
Act Fast
Have you ever witnessed a Black Friday sales? How the passive crowds are fighting to get their hands on cheap products. It is because all of the in-demand products being sold at a very low price go as they come. You’ll find them preparing for the Black Friday by camping outside the store even before the sale starts. Same is the case with freebie offers but the good thing is that you don’t get trampled on a website but there will surely be more competitors because the samples and products are given away for free. Companies serve their freebies to people who request them the earliest. So, if you don’t want to miss out on getting free stuff for yourself then you would have to request the item as soon as it is made available. You can visit the freebie sites a couple of times a day. You can also sign up for a newsletter for getting updates on the latest freebie listings.

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