In this post today I wanted to showcase a set of bibs that I have received for a review and that you could win in a new giveaway on Box Roundup blog!

Our baby, or now toddler if you will (I am not sure if I will ever stop calling her “our baby”) has so many beautiful clothes – you may remember I have reviewed some on the blog here in my summer/fall post. Now the difficulty is to make sure we don’t get a lot of icky sticky yucky red tomato sauces, greasy stains, unwashable this or that on her clothing. The tricky part is that, as a baby, we would get her bibs, and she would have them on herself for the whole time of eating, whereas now she is so all-grown-up now, she won’t have any napkin, or towel, or anything on her.

The old-fashioned bibs that we would usually get are made for littlest babies, and can be taken off very easily with a simple yank. So, the trick for us is how do we have our baby still wear her bib not to smear goo all over herself, and actually keep it on her neck for the duration of her meal or activity.

So, the biggest challenge when looking for bibs right now is making sure she cannot simply take the bib off.

U.S.Bilby bibs

U.S.Bilby eagle bib

U.S.Bilby deer bib

U.S.Bilby Lady Liberty bib

U.S.Bilby fox bib

I am glad I have a great set of bibs by U.S.Bilby that I have received for a review. I love the designs that make these bibs not only functional for us, but also beautiful! The idea behind the bibs is almost like having your baby wear a colorful bandana instead of a regular bib. However, these bibs are actually sewn and ironed in such a way as to resemble a bandana. The designs on the bibs have all been made unique, there is no other bib in the market that looks as colorful and fancy!

Our baby is a girl, and I find that these bibs are excellent for any baby, whether a girl or a boy.

The designs of the bibs include animals like deer, cartoonish looking foxes, eagles, as well as the Statue of Liberty. The Lady Liberty design will be great to wear for a 4th of July picnic party, and these bibs are good enough to wear for any photo shoot – definitely very unique, well-made, and the designs are bright, and playful!

What I like a lot about the bibs is that while they are not huge and bulky, and do not restrain our toddler from grabbing food with her hands, the bibs stay on well as she is eating, and keep her clothing clean. There are two buttons that are well fitted at the back of the bib, that stay closed and tight on throughout the meal even when our girl tries to yank the bib off. The fact that she can’t easily take the bib off kind of gets her quickly disinterested in taking the bib off, and she simply continues to eat rather than play with her bib now. Before we could never keep any bib on her as she would just take it off immediately as it was so easy for her to do.

baby wearing a bib

baby wearing a bib

I absolutely love how these bibs by U.S.Bilby feel! They are soft and super absorbent, and protect our precious clothing from spills and stains.

I am happy to announce a new giveaway on the blog which will start today and continue until January 26, 2017!

This giveaway is sponsored by U.S.Bilby – your source for baby bibs and liquid chalk markers – and Box Roundup Blog. The giveaway is hosted by Box Roundup blog – we love publishing giveaways and posts with activities and products for babies and kids!

U.S.Bilby baby bandana bibs are great both for teething, drooling babies, toddlers on the loose, and all feeding and eating needs! Parents, you will be amazed to find how soft, colorful, and functional these bibs are!

Here is where you can get the bibs –

U.S.Bilby bibs

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This giveaway is for a bundle of over $141 ARV of baby products plus a $50 Best Buy gift card, total value of $191! One winner, US only, will receive 1 set of U.S.Bilby bandana baby bibs, a Baby Trend Sit and Stand Ultra Stroller (Millennium Orange accommodating up to 2 children, ARV $119.88), $50 Best Buy Gift Card.

Baby Product Giveaway

One winner will be selected at the end of the giveaway, and will need to provide a US residential address and phone number to claim the prize. Box Roundup blog will be mailing Best Buy gift card, and U.S.Bilby will be sending the stroller and the bibs to the winner. No other bloggers associated with this giveaway are responsible for the prize fulfillment. Once the prizes are mailed out, there will be no returns, substitutions or refunds.

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