A Few Creative Crafts for Valentine’s Day and a Giveaway

Top Valentine's Day Crafts

I hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day craft ideas we have found! I love to spend a weekend with my kids decorating the house, and just enjoying each other’s company – this is always a fun way to spend this holiday! It does not have to be about outrageous and expensive dinners, and ultimately it is a fun way to show how much you love each other! Don’t forget to scroll to the end of the post for a fun new giveaway as well!

Valentine\'s Day Mason Jars via @Mommalewsblog

Valentine’s Day Mason Jars via @Mommalewsblog

Decorate your home with these lovely mason jars! If you are like me, you probably already have all of the supplies in your craft boxes!

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You are One in a MINION, Valentine! Easy for the class pa//

You are One in a MINION, Valentine! Easy for the class pa//

Love this idea for a class – our kids always need to bring some Valentine\’s to their school, this is so creative and cute!

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How to Make Hearts

How to Make Hearts

You could try making a variety of hearts here – such a good symbol for Valentine\’s Day!

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How To Make Homemade Bath Bombs for your Valentine:

How To Make Homemade Bath Bombs for your Valentine:

I might make these for my kids – they have been talking about getting some bath bombs – I think making these for friends for Valentine\’s Day is a lovely idea!

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favorite valentine fonts -

favorite valentine fonts –

Are you a blogger or a web designer? You may want to use these to decorate your graphics!

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Valentine heart

Valentine heart

Another great decorative idea here – I might make this using some parts of my Christmas wreath – I think that would work! Nothing gets thrown out when you are a crafter!

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5 Easy Valentine\'s Day for Kids -

5 Easy Valentine\’s Day for Kids –

This looks like a great idea to do with my toddler!

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Add the Flowers, Arranged with Love: Beautiful Valentine\'s ... -

Add the Flowers, Arranged with Love: Beautiful Valentine\’s … –

This is a great project if you have a talent for bouquet making.

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Crafty No Candy Ideas for Kids

Crafty No Candy Ideas for Kids

A ton of ideas here to tap into – try them out! These projects seem easy enough to make!

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8 free Valentine printables for kids -

8 free Valentine printables for kids –

I love the idea of printables for kids – saves so much time doing it all by hand! And because these are not from the mass marketed store products, they will definitely be quite unique!

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Simple Origami Paper Card

Simple Origami Paper Card

This card look adorable!

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2016 Valentine Day Crafts for Kids -

2016 Valentine Day Crafts for Kids –

These hearts are very sophisticated! Even though these are ideas from 2016, I bet they will still work just fine for 2017!

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Valentine\'s Day Crafts - DIY Paper Candy Holder & Treat ... -

Valentine\’s Day Crafts – DIY Paper Candy Holder & Treat … –

Looks like an awesome idea! I think this one will take me forever to make, but maybe it is possible to do these quickly!

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Valentine\'s Day Kids Crafts

Valentine\’s Day Kids Crafts

I love these cards! Definitely my kids of a craft here!

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Rainbow Heart Suncatchers - Easy valentine craft for kids!

Rainbow Heart Suncatchers – Easy valentine craft for kids!

Love how colorful this heart is!

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Spread the love this Valentine\'s Day 💝 with these adorable for kids!

Spread the love this Valentine\’s Day 💝 with these adorable for kids!

Nice idea for a table activity for pre-schoolers or first graders!

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Fun Valentine\'s Day Lunch for Kids -

Fun Valentine\’s Day Lunch for Kids –

You could be creative when packing a lunch box on Valentine\’s Day as well!

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Valentine’s Day is on it’s way!

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way!

Here are some more tasty treats and options to package them nicely!

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Craft a Hinged Valentine Card with this step-by-step tutorial.

Craft a Hinged Valentine Card with this step-by-step tutorial.

If you are a little mode advanced and want to make a card out of wood, there are simple options for you here as well!

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Some colorful home decor ideas – wonderful color combinations!

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DIY Room And Home Decoration / Valentine\'s Day Decoration

DIY Room And Home Decoration / Valentine\’s Day Decoration

These crafts look a bit time-consuming for me, but I applaud you if you could do this.

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Free Printable Valentine\'s Day Cards by Free People

Free Printable Valentine\’s Day Cards by Free People

Here are some free printable cards if you like!

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I absolutely love these treats!

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DIY Valentine\'s Day Decorations

DIY Valentine\’s Day Decorations

More home decor ideas for the crafting kind.

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Friendship bracelets are just perfect for Valentine\'s Day!

Friendship bracelets are just perfect for Valentine\’s Day!

This is the cutest craft in the whole post! I will probably make my kids do this for their class!

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Thank you for reading about these project ideas! We hope that you like them, and will be using some of these ideas! Please, let us know in the comments what your favorite craft project is from this post, or maybe you can recommend another craft project of your own, or something that you are planning to do this year for this holiday! We would love to hear your ideas!

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