We had a membership at a local photo studio during the first year of our baby’s life, and we definitely do not regret it. We went for quite a few sessions at the studio, and we got a few products done with our pictures. One of the products that we never ordered before was canvas prints of photos. The reason was because they were quite expensive at that studio, and it is always cheaper to find it somewhere online. It is easy to find a business online that can print any of your photos on canvas, and I was lucky enough this week to finally get a nice canvas print done of our daughter – such a beauty!

Ink Doodle Canvas Print

Canvas prints are an amazing way to present your photos on your wall. It looks like a painting of your loved ones, and it is easy to put up on the wall as it comes all set up for you. It is so inexpensive to order it, and the process of ordering these prints online is very easy – you are in charge, so you have a chance to choose the size, the photo you like, and ensure that your order is exactly what you wanted.

This week we just received this awesome product from Inkdoodle, visit their site to see their amazing cheap canvas prints. I recommend ordering these because you cannot possibly go wrong – it adds a lot of character and modern flair to your wall! Imagine the wall with old-fashioned photos in frames? Now imagine the 21st century wall with beautiful prints on canvas – how could you possibly go wrong with this? If you are thinking of getting a gift for your friends, this will make for the best gift – a lovely photo that looks so modern on canvas! Our canvas photo that we got is 8” X 8” in size, and fits perfectly on our wall now – a perfect spot for everyone to see.

Inkdoodle offers lots of options for their canvas prints – check them out – http://www.inkdoodle.com/canvas-prints/ and for more information on their canvas prints visit them online. This company also makes a lot of various other gifts that you could purchase that can be customized with your own photos – magnets, coasters, business cards, flags and more.

Everyone in my family loves this new picture of our toddler that we have on our wall – and it is exciting to know that we got it all done by ourselves – without having to order an expensive package at your local photo studio. All we have is a good camera, a cute baby, and it is so simple to get those lovely shots with her ready. Once the shot is chosen, processing the order at Inkdoodle didn’t take any more than 5 minutes – and the rate for all this is a fraction of what we would have to pay at a professional studio – and all of this was done without having to leave the house! My kind of shopping!

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