My first venture this past week into trying out a new set of circle lenses with a design on them. I have been wearing transparent contact lenses for years now, and have decided to try out a new product for me – a set of brown circle lenses with a pretty design.

I didn’t know what to expect. Obviously, my intention is always to try to look as authentic and natural as possible, but just like anyone I like to sometimes change my appearance, and try to look somewhat different. Wearing contact lenses with a design is a great way to go about it.

I have always wanted to look like Japanese animated cartoons with big eyes, and this is definitely achievable if I wear these lovely new contact circle lenses. My eyes look substantially bigger, and the eyeball is very prominent and looks like it has been encircled by a sharpee to look more stunning.

These contact lenses are no different from any of the other contact lenses that I have worn before. These lenses are supposed to be able to last for 1 year which is a great investment as you son’t need to change the lenses that often, unless they tear, which usually does not happen. The lenses that I started wearing when I was younger were like these ones – for a year.

The whole process of taking care of these lenses is not any different from any other lenses, but if you are new to wearing contacts, it is great that all of the instructions are provided, and it is easy to figure out how to take care of the lenses.

I think these lenses with a design are genius products. It is so easy to wear them, and what an awesome way to have these to improve the appearance of the eyes without any surgery or invasive procedures. There are so many designs available to choose from – it is incredible how many options are available in this online store, and ordering is so easy – the lenses arrive quickly, and in such a great set – included was a beautiful pouch, all of the instructions, and a spare lens case – how convenient!

The store that sells these lenses has a great variety of different option both for prescription strength lenses, as well as just colored lenses without any prescription. Whether you need to correct your eyesight, or just looking to change your looks a little bit, these lenses are exactly what you need – and I am so happy I have found this company! You have probably noticed by reading my blog that I love ordering products online, I even order our food online, so I am always looking for ways to reduce my time shopping, and going to different businesses trying to finish up my tasks, so this is an excellent way to take care of your corrective vision aids needs without having to go to a specialized store – as long as you have a prescription ready, and have decided on what look you are aiming for – you are all set!

Here is a video I have made trying out this set of lenses for the first time –

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