Reviewing and Unboxing Bamboo Sheets by Cosy House Collection

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I love Cosy House Collection products, and got a second product – their bamboo sheets to test out. I have just finished filming an unboxing video – check it out.

Do you own any bamboo sheets? How do you like them? If you haven’t tried this brand before, you can get it here

I think this set of sheets is beautiful, and it contains 40% bamboo. You would think bamboo is such a fibrous plant it couldn’t be soft, but it is, and these sheets feel more comfortable than other bamboo blend sheets. Due to rayon contents in the fabric, the sheets are breathable, and stay cool during the night.

Cosy House collection sheets

These sheet have anti-microbial qualities, and will help you stay away from dust mites and harmful bacteria.

Just wanted to mention that as we are usually used to seeing the thread count in cotton sheets, and these have no cotton in them, you will not notice any thread count information on the packaging. These are woven sheets, and they feel very soft, like satin to me. I love how soft the sheets are!

Cosy House collection sheets

I think the biggest concern for me with this set of sheets will be washing them properly using cold water and low heat drying setting to avoid piling.

Cosy House collection sheets


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  1. Other than the washing instructions, these sound like nice sheets. I would love to get a set for my bed 🙂

  2. Interesting! I have a bamboo pillow case that I bought because I was told it was hypoallergenic. I do think my allergies have gotten better since!

  3. Those sheets seem great! I have not heard of this bedding company before. I always want to keep bedding just as nice as when I first got them so try to follow the instructions exactly as they say.

  4. I love the color and I know someone who wouldn’t have anything but Bamboo sheets! I think I am like you and would worry about cleaning them incorrectly!

  5. I’ve honestly never heard of bamboo sheets before. They sound and look fantastic!

  6. I wasn’t aware of these Bamboo sheets. These looks to be better than regular sheets that are available in stores. I think price is right too.

  7. That looks really nice. I love sheets that are soft to the touch especially since I’m going to be sleeping on them. Thanks for sharing your experience with this one.