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As you know, we are working on our spring cleaning, and as I have been cleaning out our closets, I have found that I am missing sets of sheets to use for our bed, and so I got a few to try out, made by Cosy House 1500 Collection.

These sheets seemed great as I unpacked them to try them out. I wanted to write a bit to alleviate any confusion about this product – and to state that I am happy so far with it, what the fabric feels like to touch, and what the sheets are like. These sheets are 100% microfiber, so this is not cotton, and they don’t have the same system of thread count to base our decisions whether this is good quality or not. According to the producer, this quality is comparable to 1500 thread count in cotton sheets.

Cosy House Collection sheets

I am happy with the quality of this product so far. I have tried stretching it, and it seemed quite durable, and should be able to withstand wear and tear, and washing. It is important with this product to follow manufacturing instructions, and it is recommended to wash these sheets in cold water, and tumble dry for a longer life span. It is great that this microfiber high quality sheets will not fade in colr, and are wrinkle free.

This particular set of sheets has a fitted, flat sheets, as well as pillow cases, and is available in 5 sizes. These sheets are suitable to use for thick mattresses as the sheets are extra deep.

Cosy House Collection sheets

I have been impressed by the satin feel of the sheets – they seem very soft and smooth. I love that I do not need to wait for the sheets to develop this quality of smoothness over time like it is with cotton – these sheets are already so soft!

Cosy House Collection sheets

I am not sure when I am going to need sheets next time, but so far I am hooked on this brand, and it will be hard for me to find anything similar in stores, hopefully they will continue selling on Amazon – also so convenient to buy online, and even possible to ship these as gifts! I know any family could use a spare set of sheets!


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