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I am new to oils, and I am still learning about them. Receptra Naturals has sent me two CBD oils to try out, as well as their topical creams. I don’t use a lot of hemp-based products, and I was curious about these ones, what they would be like.

As I know some people might not be fully aware of what hemp products are about. Hemp is a plant that can be use to produce hemp oil, hemp milk that become an ingredient in cosmetic products and seeds can even be consumed with no psychoactive effects.

Hemp is often confused with a prohibited substance but it has to be made clear that hemp products are permitted to be used on all 50 US States, and do not contain high amounts of THC.

Some people even incorporate temp seeds in their diet, and lots of hemp based products are now popping up in cosmetics and beauty product scene. Hemp seed oil is considered to help with inflammation and other skin conditions. Hair products often include hemp based oils in combination with other oils to provide that nourishment we look for in hair treatments.

Receptra Naturals pure hemp oils

CBD oil that is an ingredient in Receptra Naturals products is known for its medicinal properties of helping ease pain, help with anxiety. The Active Line of oils by Receptra Naturals introduces Turmeric, Avocado Seed Oil, and MCT oil for added cognitive functioning, endurance, and recovery from all natural ingredients. The oils are scented with Fresh Berry scent.

Receptra Naturals pure hemp oils

My favorite product is the body butter that has a pleasant scent with the notes of camphor. This product is said to help improve the collagen in the skin, and reduce skin blemishes, according to the company information. I like the texture of the body butter. It feels like it is whipped, and feels very comfortable on the skin when I apply it. This body butter is an awesome moisturizer, and is great for skin protection from the elements.

I haven’t used the topical yet as it is intended to be used to provide relief from muscle pains and aches. This topical aides a lot of athletes, and helps ease muscle issues related to athletic activities.

Receptra Naturals pure hemp oils

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of these products, and how helpful they are by utilizing the properties of hemp to improve the skin texture, relieve pain, and elevate anxiety issues. This is my personal review, based on what I have learned and experienced through using and testing the products, and reading about their properties. This is in no way medical advice, and this information should not be interpreted as such – for any medical issues, please, consult a licensed physician. If you have more questions regarding the products, please, visit Receptra Naturals website, and be sure to follow their social media accounts for possible deals and product announcements:

Receptra Naturals pure hemp oils

Here is some more information about Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals is a family owned and operated company in Colorado. They cultivate all of the hemp used in production of our oils and topicals on their family owned farms in Colorado. They use 100% Organic growing practices.

All of their hemp extracts are submitted for third-party testing to ensure their customer’s safety. Each of their batch test results are available on their website for their customers to consult.

Receptra Naturals strives to offer health and wellness options to the communities that they have the pleasure of serving. To accomplish this, they have divided our product offerings into 2 segments: Health and Wellness & Active Living. Also they offer Topicals (Body Butter) & (Targeted Topical)

Have you tried pure hemp oil before? What do you use it for in general? Do you add it to any homemade lotions? Share your knowledge in the comments!

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