So, over the past three days we have been mostly eating our Hello Fresh food delivery, and we have been loving it!

I’m loving my home-cooked meals with @HelloFresh! Save $40 on your first order with my code HV9FFC at

We have received 3 meals in our box, and they have been great! Here are some of the pictures of the box itself –

photo 3 (4)photo 5 (3)

We have made three meals. One was dinner on Friday, the second one was dinner on Saturday, and the third one was lunch on Sunday.

The first meal we have made was spring asparagus and shrimp risotto. We have followed the recipe as it prescribed, except our rice was a bit overdone. The shrimp itself turned out excellent though. I think possibly some of the best shrimp I have had at home. Probably because my husband was cooking, and when I cook, I often overdo shrimp.


The second meal was Saturday night, and we have made rosemary-walnut crusted chicken. It turned out very well. The flavors were great, the recipe was easy to follow and delicious. We normally don’t cook chicken breasts very often, so it was a nice change. Balsamic vinegar and mustard in this recipe definitely added a lot to the flavors. The recipe was pretty easy to make though, we will probably make it again. It seemed at first that the amount of chicken was very little, but really the portions were great in the end.

hellofresh-rosemary-walnut-crusted-chicken-with-roasted-potatoes-mixed-green-salad (1)

The third meal was steak sandwiches for lunch on Sunday. That was probably my most favorite meal out of all of the three meals, because the meat was succulent, and all of my favorite flavors were there – red onion, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar. We don’t cook with balsamic vinegar enough, and it was great to be able to cook with it and eat all this deliciousness.


After all 3 meals we had some leftovers, so we could even have somewhat of second helpings. The amount of food was really enough for 2 people, no more, no less. Hello Fresh recipes turned out to be excellent for our palates, very well described, easy to follow, and gave us restaurant level of meals made in the comfort of our home, for a small price.

I will be posting more pictures from these meals, as well as a comparison chart if you were to buy all the ingredients at the store, as to how much it would cost you later on, I am still working on comparing those prices. All in all, Hello Fresh is an excellent source of home cooked restaurant quality meals, and it seems that it is worth the effort to try it!

I’m loving my home-cooked meals with @HelloFresh! Save $40 on your first order with my code HV9FFC at

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