In this post I just want to update on what we’ve been up to this weekend.


On Saturday my daughters went to a birthday party, and we just hung out in the mall here. We got some Teavana tea, some H&M clothing for our baby as well.

On Sunday I have attempted to go to a Meetup meeting for local Extreme Couponers group, but the lady wasn’t even home, and seemed like nobody else showed up either. Not sure what to make of that. In my world when you set up a meeting and inviting the whole world to attend via an online announcement, you have to also cancel if you are not going to be able to make it. I may give it another try next month, I am not sure…. Maybe I should set up my own meetup instead!

I have also received a few free samples this weekend. When we were at the mall, they had a beauty bash outside Macy’s, so I was able to snag a free sample at one of the counters of perfume. Lucky me!


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