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Car seat protector by Neat parents

A new product for me that now I truly love is a reversible car seat protector by Neat Parents. The reason why I love using it is because I can protect the seat under our toddler’s car seat from various spills and now the leather in our car doesn’t suffer.

 car seat protector by neat parents
This seat protector is so simple to place in your seat – just place it under the car seat, attach the baby/toddler car seat as you normally would, and enjoy! All the spills will be caught within the grooves, and you won’t need to waste your time and money cleaning up.
If you have little babies and toddlers who you often travel with, I am sure you know that the crumbs and little food bits tend to end up under the car seat, and then they almost form a cake-like layer under the seat that is so hard to remove. Sometimes people use expensive car seat protection chemicals, or end up having to pay extra money for cleaning. It can be especially difficult if you are leasing your car, and need to return it in the same order as when you have just leased it.
Really love the material that this protector is made of – clearly easy to clean, and because you can remove it out of the car, it makes it easy to clean just for that one reason that wiping and scrubbing a flat surface is much simpler than when you have to fix a car seat surface.
This Enhanced Padded Seat Protector is Compatible with different vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs. The seat protector has two front mesh storage pockets.  The car seat protector is reversible – white and black and you can use the color that best matches your seats.
It is great that this protector also includes a set of 2 sunshades that are so easy to attach to your car windows and that will protect you children from direct sun. I have a few that we use on some of our cars, but I am so glad that now I have more as my children are always complaining – great to get both the sunshades and the seat protector at once.
car seat protector by neat parents
I have actually filmed how to use these seats in the car, and at first put the car seat on top and started filming, but had to stop because you couldn’t see the protector that well as it blended completely with the leather seats. If you are worried that your car interior will change with this protector – don’t be, nobody will even know it’s there. Here is my little video where I explain again what this car protector is for, how to use it, and show how I place it in the car.

If you think that your seats could benefit from this added protection, and if you would like to save some money on interior car cleaning, check out this car seat protector – here is the link as to where to find this product –

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