Perfect Planter Tool Helps You Space Your Plants Properly and Create Pleasing Plant Layouts

Perfect Planter

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We have a little garden outside of our house in the back. One of the issues for the backyard garden right now is creating a beautiful visual space with flowers growing in some type of a uniform fashion – I am glad to have tried and tested a Perfect Planter solution – a great tool that allows me to design a pattern of spacing my plants, and then using supplied markers to mark the spot where the plants are going to go. All I need to do after that is remove the tool, leaving the marker in the soil, and then dig out the spot that was marked with a spade, and then planting my desired plant at the marked spot.

Do you have a perfect garden? May it is time this year to work on your curb appeal! You can set up spacings for your plants at 12”, 24” and 36”, and create dozens, even hundreds of possible patterns.

I just cannot imagine doing the same activity with a ruler or a measuring tape, I can’t help but think that my efforts of planting will not go so well. If you are usually not measuring anything at all, you may end up with a randomly planted yard, and this will simply not be your goal when you have started to beautify your yard.

Perfect planter

A couple of years ago we just wished to finally plant a line of soil that we had to the left of our house. We did not have this planter tool then, and what ended up happening was that we went to a garden store having no idea what the length of the plot of land was, and how many plants we actually needed. We finally got 7 plants, but when we arrived home we realized that we actually needed to have eight plants instead. Then we kind of planted them haphazardly without really a proper measurement.

Now I am so glad that I have this planter tool available, and can resolve any future issue with our planting needs. Here is where to get this planter –

This tool retails for $29.99 right now on the website. I think if you are planning out a garden overhaul and looking for tools you might need – this will be the perfect solution for you.


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  1. This would be so helpful for me. I have been re-landscaping my yard and all of the measuring and re-measuring takes up so much time. This would simplify it a lot.

  2. This is awesome! I definitely don’t have a green thumb and this would definitely help me be better at gardening. It’s so hard to “eyeball” your layout ahead of time.

  3. That’s such a cool tool. It definitely takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out where plants are supposed to go. We have made some mistakes and done a bit of trial and error.

  4. Very interesting tool to get that perfect lining done for your plants… I’ll keep this in mind for my garden 😉

  5. Now this is the perfect gift for the gardener in your life! It would be perfect for me if I planted anything as OCD as I am…HA!!

  6. Now that’s a great idea. I’m going to have to get my daughter one of these. They just bought a new home and are going to be working on the lawn after they get moved in.

  7. Oh, I should have had this before I started planting around the sides of the house! This is a perfect little tool for gardening enthusiasts like me and my mom. I’m getting one for each of us. There is still one side of the house that hasn’t been planted with flower seedlings yet. 🙂