Every year we set up an organic vegetable delivery box, and I think I have written about it before. Well, the box is back now that it is the spring/summer season. It is a CSA program box that we get, and the produce is just so delicious!

I love to get enough veggies and fruits for a week, and then sit down and plan out what to cook.

Here is my list of produce that I got this week and what is left:

orange carrots – only 2 left now

red beets

purple kale

lettuce – 1/2 left now

garlic scapes – we like to grill them, will probably cook it tomorrow


sunflower sprouts – not sure what to do with those


radishes – we pickle those almost every time

curly leaf parsley – will most likely use this is salads, eggs dishes and soup

endive frisee – I am not a big fan of endive, will probably end up eating it myself

scallions – those are beasts, they are so gigantic

sugar snap peas – I almost forgot I got these babies, they are so fresh, ca’t forget to use them!

We also got some parmesan cheese, and here is the picture of all of this goodness

CSA vegetable delivery


Look at this quality. I find you just can’t get that from the stores. This box is direct from the farmers, and the quality never disappoints. So happy we have signed up this year again, and it is actually such a great deal moneywise – I find for the quality that we get, this is an incredible and very affordable deal. I think the produce costs cheaper than in stores, and there is no compromise in terms of the quality.

Do you receive a farmer box for vegetable/fruit delivery, or do you buy from grocery stores? Maybe you purchase your produce directly, or online, or do you plant and grow your own produce? Let me know in comments!


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