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Deluxe 5 in 1 lens kit review

I have always wanted to get a special lens kit to use with my phone, and this kit is so much fun to play around with! I hope you get to use a deluxe 5 in 1 lens kit and experience what having additional lenses attached to your phone feel like.

We have tried all of the lenses that are included in the kit except for the CPL lens. These lenses are awesome to have if you don’t have a professional big camera. But even if you do have a big professional expensive camera which we have because I do a lot of photography for my blog, this lens kit is great to use when travelling.

Everybody always goes everywhere with their phone nowadays, even when you are going for a run on a scenic route somewhere, but you won’t always be able to or want to drag your big professional camera with you on a run or on a far away plane adventure. Last time I traveled, even though it was an important and fun trip, I ended up not taking my big camera as it was too heavy to carry around. When you are travelling, it is an easy choice to make to get this deluxe 5 in 1 lens kit with you instead of your big camera.

I like how easy it is to use these lenses. Actually much easier than big lenses on my camera. These lenses are pre-set to the right setting, and you can’t really change their focus or their zoom, and you don’t need to, which makes them so easy to use – even children can easily use them! All you need to do is screw the right lens into the clip phone attachment, and you are good to go.

There are 5 different lenses, available, but they are presented in 4 separate lens sets. One of the sets can be used for two different purposes which makes it into 5 lenses. Here is a list of the lens options available in this deluxe 5 in 1 lens kit:

1 Fisheye lens

1 Macro lens

1 Wide angle lens

1 telescopic lens

1 CPL lens

The kit also includes an anti-slip lens clip, an instruction manual and a lens wiping cloth. I love the zipper case that the lenses are supplied with. The lenses are so well protected in the zipped case, and there is even a clip on the case that can be attached either to you running belt, your bike, or your backpack so you won’t have an issue with carrying this kit even on a biking trip or a hike.

Deluxe 5 in 1 lens kit review

Here is some more information about the lenses that the company producer Smart and Easy has provided:

“- Fisheye Lens: 198 degree of the scene can be captured by our latest fisheye lens which will let you enjoy a fantastic view of the world.

– Wide Angle Lens: 130 degree enables this lens to shoot larger range of scenery using 2 elements and 2 groups.

– Macro Lens: Macro lens enables taking surprisingly stunning and clear images of very small objects.

– Telescopic Lens: It enhances the picture quality by getting you 2X closer to the action and scene.

– CPL Lens: CPL removes any unwanted reflections and glares from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water.”

We have used most of the lenses, and my favorite one is the fisheye lens. I cannot get the effect that this lens produces with any app or lens on camera that I have. You can modify any surroundings with this lens, and it looks like you are using a lot of professional quality equipment while all you have is a little phone lens – amazing!

A macro lens effect is also quite stunning. You can see the object that you are trying to capture very close to you, and this makes the background quite blurry, which means there is a shallow depth of field, and you can really make a simple phone photo look like a professionally altered shot. For me, this effect is not necessarily what I am looking for to add to my lens collection, just because I already have two different professional macro lenses, so unless I am leaving my pro camera at home, I wouldn’t need this lens. But if you are trying to take a close-up photo with your phone, and you don’t have a pro camera with a macro lens, and don’t want to invest into getting one, this would be the easiest way to achieve this result.

Imagine needed to get a separate large lens that costs thousands of dollars for your also expensive professional camera to be able to take that one fancy shot you need? To this day I have about 4 separate lenses for my professional camera, and I honestly don’t look forward to the days when I have to gear up and bring all of them over for a photo shoot I am doing. This lens kit is like a night and day difference type of an experience. The phone lens kit is so light to carry around with you, so fast to use and clip on to your phone, you will be smirking at people with professional rigs next time you go travelling.

Deluxe 5 in 1 lens kit review

I have also tried using the wide angle lens together with the macro lens, and the result is quite pleasing considering it’s just a phone picture that you are enhancing with your lens. Trying a telescopic lens was fun as well. Those are usually so heavy when they are used for professional cameras, and is you are mostly into food photography or portrait pictures, this lens would not probably be the first priority lens to get for your pro camera, so having it in this deluxe kit was great!

Overall, I think, if you are thinking about getting a kit like this vs a professional lens with or for your professional camera, you would probably want to go for a professional camera, if you have the funds for it. Those lenses go for several hundred of dollars, and that’s what we usually pay when we get a used lens. That is quite an investment to make, and you need to be sure you want to work on getting to use it for professional pictures, like professional photography, blogging or food photography. You would need to be worried about many things like the white balance, the lighting of the photo, and the exposure. If all of those words mean nothing to you and sound like gibberish, I would say stay away from professional lenses, because unless you are planning to use them, and really learn how to use them, chances are that professional camera will be used for the same snapshots you can already take with you phone that is with you everywhere you go, and that is light and does not require a lot of learning how to use it.

If you are not a professional photographer, and honestly don’t have the time to learn how to use different lenses properly, I would recommend starting with this deluxe 5 in 1 lens kit as it can teach you a lot about what professional cameras are usually used for, are like, and how you can start learning to improve your photography.

It might be a surprise but a lot of bloggers use just their phone to take pictures, even when they are working on a large sponsorship contract. In fact, a lot of professional photographers use their phone and tablet cameras to take photos just because those devices are always with them. Don’t be shy about getting these simple lenses for your phone, because this is such a quick and easy way to improve your photography skills, and teach you how you can work with different lenses just by using your phone.

This deluxe 5 in 1 lens kit is also awesome to give as a gift to your kids. They may already have a phone, but I am sure they don’t own their own professional camera. In my family my children have phones, and they always see me running around with my pro camera, and are quite jealous to the fact that I have one and they don’t. Instead of buying them a professional camera that will probably be cheap, and might not be able to do everything they need to do, it is much easier to get them this phone lens kit set as they will be able to learn about the different lenses that exist, what they are usually used for, and how to make simple photos look cool. My children are looking forward to using this kit this summer, and practicing taking different interesting pictures in the parks.

deluxe lens kit lenses

We went to a blueberry farm this week, and my daughter got to get some pictures with this lens kit, it was a lot of fun!

Let me know in comments what you would use the lens kit for, or who you would get it for, if you have used one before, and how you like it.

You can find this particular kit that we got by Smart and Easy and is available here –



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