Best Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK)

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The trying-to-conceive journey is not always easy, as the chances for a healthy woman to get pregnant per cycle is only 25%.


Luckily, there are various of methods to pinpoint the best time frame to conceive during a cycle. Ovulation Predictor Kits is one of the easiest and most effective ways for a woman to predict her most fertile window of the month regardless of the cycle length.


Let’s take a look at how it works:

24-36 hrs before your ovary releases the egg, the LH (luteinizing hormone) in your body will reach its peak, which can be easily picked up by a home ovulation test.


A positive result of a OPK indicates that you are at your LH surge.


Most women get positive OPK tests two days in a row. That’s because LH surge happens 24-36 hours right before ovulation and happens again during ovulation. It’s normal to have positive OPK results within 48 hours.


Which is the Best Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK)?

There are various OPK brands over the market that sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out which one is the best fit. Before you hit the buy box, take a look at the following good rating OPK brands that people usually like:



  1. First Response Daily Digital Ovulation Test

The most accurate and well-known brand on the market and the only kit with 2 ways to detect. A combination of traditional pink dye and digital test kit.

first response kit


  • Over 99% accurate
  • Two ways to test (pink dye and digital)
  • Yes and No digital display result-easy to read



  • A bit pricy
  • Only 1 month supply
  • Easy to run out



  1. easy@Home 50 Ovulation Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Kit

Wondfo 50 Ovulation Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Kit

 Easy at Home kit

Easy at home kit



Two long existed brands on the market. You may wonder why we put these two brands together. If you happen to use their strips before, you may notice their strips look exact the same and the format of their LOT number both start with W. The only explanation is: they are from the same manufacturer.



  • Over 99% accurate
  • Lots of strips that can easily last for a few months
  • Price affordable



  • Not as easy to read as digital OPK
  • Over sensitive, always positive results.



  1. PreKnow Ovulation Test Combo Kit (50LH +20HCG Strips) –

Pink dye OPK similar to easy@Home brand, but more compact package designed, which won’t take up much space on your bathroom shelf.

Preknow ovulation test kit



  • Over 99% accurate
  • Easier in interpreting the LH surge than other pink dye brands
  • Clear background-no hard time in comparing two color bands
  • A lot of strips that can last you for months
  • Always at promotion



  • Urine abortion time is 1-2 seconds behind Wondfo brand
  • Original Price is slightly higher when it’s not on sale.



  1. iProven Ovulation Test Strips and Pregnancy Test Kit – 50 LH and 20 HCG

Newly launched pink dye OPK brand sells only on Amazon. Same product commination like PreKnow and easy@Home brands.

iproven ovulation test strips


  • A lot of strips that can last you for months
  • A great buy when you can’t afford the digital OPK.



  • Not as sensitive as digital OPK
  • Results are not easy to interpret

New Indiegogo Campaign – Support New EverSleep Sleep Tracker Device

EverSleep device

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Sometimes I receive information from PR companies about new products that are coming up in the market, and I am often approached to help with campaign funding publicity. This happens when companies come up with new products or services, and set up campaigns to help them fund the release of the product. I am always happy to post about a product that I think might be interesting for my readers.

A new campaign that is just starting today is EverSleep crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

EverSleep Personal Sleep Tracker is the only consumer sleep tracker using the same oxygen monitoring technology healthcare professionals use.
Only EverSleep provides personalized coaching to help solve sleep problems. Users download a simple analysis engine app that details nightly sleep measurements and explains the causes of any abnormalities in snoring, insomnia, breathing disturbances (that can be caused by sleep apnea), pulse rate, micro-motions, and continuous blood oxygen levels.

EverSleep functions include non-intrusive measurement of blood-oxygen, severe and mild snoring, pulse abnormalities, sleep fragmentation, autonomic micro-motions, and time in bed.

A little bit of the history of the product: David Tobler and Chris Crowley are medical device engineers with successful careers focused on “pulse oximetry” oxygen monitoring technology.  Craig Pickerill is a very successful sleep clinician and entrepreneur, building a chain of sleep laboratories throughout the central US. The founders realized that “fitness bracelet” sleep monitoring doesn’t tell the user WHY they are sleeping badly.  Free “snore” apps only tell you something that you already know, you are snoring!  The consumer has to choose between an ineffective $129 bracelet, or an uncomfortable $1200 in-hospital sleep study prescribed by their doctor. The key to true clinical sleep lab monitoring is oxygen measurement – used to detect sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea a medical description for interrupted breathing during sleep. Your body’s oxygen plummets and your pulse rate increases to compensate for the missing oxygen.  These interruptions can be minor, or they can catastrophically “ruin” your sleep for the entire night. Thus was born EverSleep!  With clinical grade oxygen monitoring, pulse rate monitoring, and extremely sensitive motion detection, we differentiate between many types of sleep problems.  It’s a simple, comfortable, inexpensive consumer home health device that delivers much of the benefit of a true sleep lab.


What I Carry In My Bag and Tips on How to Get Through the Day – Try BODYARMOR LYTE

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BODYARMOR. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Every day here is different. Some days are busy and hard to keep up with. Other days I actually get to enjoy the weather with my toddler, and check out local parks. It all depends. One thing stays the same for me though, and that is what I do to stay energized and healthy throughout the week – not very easy to do, but I am glad I can keep up with my lifestyle with these few tricks.

1. Staying hydrated is everything. I love running around, but without proper hydration this is simply not possible with my workload. I have to be sure that I am able to catch my breath, and keep going throughout the day. I have promised myself to be drinking more water this year. Sometimes it is water that I drink. Sometimes it is coffee and tea that I love so much. Sometimes it is the drinks that I grab in the fridge that my kids love, and now I can enjoy with them as well.

My kids love drinking BODYARMOR drinks, and now I got into drinking BODYARMOR LYTE which is their new drink.



  • 20/cal per serving
  • Naturally Sweetened
  • Contains coconut water, electrolytes and vitamins

Check out BODYARMOR LYTE website if you are interested in learning more about this drink, and trying it. BODYARMOR LYTE is heavy on hydration and LYTE on calories. BODYARMOR SuperDrink is a premium, sports drink that provides superior hydration. It is packed with electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins and is low in sodium and high in potassium. BODYARMOR contains natural flavors and sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources.

Here is where these drinks are sold in our area: Safeway/Albertson’s, Fred Meyer, and then QFC. Check out this coupon that you can use – available now –

2. Keeping a bag of nuts and seeds always handy. I know that nuts are fatty sometimes, but in a small amount I find that they help me stay energized and able to function just as much as water does.


3. Sometimes a protein bar is another great source of energy for me. I don’t often take those because of the sugar content that I am working on avoiding right now, but I am guilty of getting those on occasion, and putting them in my bag – they help me when I have a sudden feeling of hunger, and nothing else is available. We often go to parks with my toddler, and after all the running around I do need a healthy snack!


4. Cheese! This is another source of my daily energy! As I avoid carbs at all possible costs, I need to have a high fat diet to be able to function! Finding a favorite cheese that I can eat can be a bit challenging, as there are some that I don’t like as much, and as I am lactose intolerant it can be sometimes difficult to find the right one, but when I do, having those thin slices of cheese, or cubed cheese can be life changing! My husband has recently purchased a home slicer, and now we enjoy a lot of home sliced cheese, and it makes a huge difference.

5. Exercising daily may seem and sound like it would be draining, especially if you are lazy like me, or more, and if you are not used to exercising but I find it can actually give me more energy and an ability to function better on busy days. For me, walking and running is what I like to do. Of course, household chores are a great exercise, and having a busy toddler helps a lot as well. Exercising does not have to be specific gym type of activities, this can be simply part of your daily physical activity, what you do anyways, just doing more of it, for longer periods. Carrying a toddler around is not a lot different from lifting weights. Hiking and walking is about the same as using a treadmill.

6. Getting a good night’s sleep works wonders for me. Sometimes the level of stress is unavoidable – it can be job stress, family issues, or health scares – and there is nothing we can do about these things. We can’t just forget about them, throw them out of our lives, or avoid them. The stress is there, and will not go away; it often reminds about itself with every next phone call or email message. What we need to do most of the time is learn how to cope with it, and things we can do to allow our bodies regenerate the energy we use, and help our mind rest, and sleep is the easiest and most powerful way to deal with stress levels in my opinion.

Hope this post is helpful if you are struggling to keep up with your life. Most of these pieces of advice are so simple, and logical, yet it is surprising how difficult it might be to actually follow them, and stay on top of your daily activities, supplying your body with the energy to help keep you going. Let me know in the comments if there are any other things that you do daily to help you stay energized.

How Do I Juggle It All When I Need To Be Two People in One? Here is my Daily Motivation

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This week is another busy week in my household. I am manning the household by myself as my husband is on a business trip, and I have to make every step of the day effectively to reach my daily goals.

There are just so many activities we need to do every week, and as my husband usually helps me a lot with them, and now he is gone for a bit, I am doing the double duty. My kids are all going to different schools, different activities, and as we are already planning activities for the next week, and the end of this week with school work and little things we need to do, the logistics of all of this is not a simple matter at all. Add to this 3 year old’s tantrums at night because of the Daylight Savings time switch, the need to organize the house a bit, and prepare for the next garage sale in a few weeks, the taxes that need to be done – and I have got myself a perfect storm of tasks. The only way I can get the job done is keeping on task, and getting everything organized, one at a time.

On the days and weeks like this one I have to have my plan going, and be ready for any type of an emergency as well, if that were to happen, and they do. Just this weekend we spent figuring out an ear ache situation. Right now, literally, the whole house is hanging in there on me, and while I am juggling all of my hats and little ideas that I am working on, I have to make sure that I stay strong and healthy.

I am generally healthy now as I stay home most of the time, and do not tend to mingle too much, so I don’t pick up colds like I used to – and that is good, as I also keep my toddler cold-free. One most important component of my overall health regimen, as always, is making sure I take my daily dose of vitamins.

I start my day with a cup of coffee, a few scrambled eggs with cheese, or some fruits I have on hand, and then I always remember to take my vitamins to make sure that I am ready for the day.

nature made vitamins

Helping me to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle are Nature Made® Vitamins – I take Multi adult gummies which are so delicious the brand actually has a taste guarantee – Love Them or They Are Free. The flavors are to die for – orange, cherry and mixed berry – there is a reason this brand of vitamins is #1 Pharmacist Recommended – it shows in the care taken with adding natural fruit flavors, and making these vitamins such a treat to have.

nature made vitamins

nature made vitamins

nature made vitamins

The beauty of the vitamins is that even though my day might be full of running errands, having fast, rushed meals, and not always able to eat well (why is it that at every kids’ activity or party the only thing that is always served is pizza?), I can rely on Nature Made® Adult Gummies Multi Vitamins to give me the key nutrients for daily nutritional support.†

We grew up on the saying, “An apple a day…”, you know how it goes. But how many apples, bowls of spinach, almonds and anchovies can one really eat in a day to say that the daily vitamin intake has been checked off? While I probably eat more fruits and vegetables than an average person, and I most likely will not develop scurvy in my lifetime, on most days I still sigh, and regret that I haven’t had a proper nutritious meal every time I ate food. I do love hacks in everything I do, but whoever came up with a hack that tomato ketchup is actually a vegetable serving is seriously off point.

So, even though this week has just started, I can say that I have a good plan going, and I am hoping that unless something extraordinary happens, I will be able to get through it without a major hiccup. I have all of the planning figured out, and I feel that I am going to be backed up by the energy that I get from my good food and vitamins to continue, and keep moving forward – everything depends on me this week. Nature Made® Vitamins provide that additional level of assurance that with my exercising, healthy lifestyle, and being a busy Mom, I can still be confident that I am doing what it takes for myself to stay healthy.

What is your daily motivation to move forward? What helps you achieve what you have planned out for the week? How are you able to juggle what is on your plate? Share with us in the comments to inspire us, and give us new ideas on how we can improve our routines, and get through what we have going on.

There is an exciting promotion going on now on Facebook where Nature Made® Vitamins is partnering with Women’s and Men’s Health so that you and your friends can win weekly prizes that motivate you to stay healthy. There are so many different motivational ideas that can help improve your lifestyle if you read what others have been doing, and I have been picking up – it is never a bad thing to dance to help with your mood, and what to do with sleep issues due to Daylight Savings time changes.

You can enter in this Facebook promotion here – between now and April 9th to win a prize that is different for every week. Entering is pretty simple on Facebook – all you have to do is leave a comment for each post with your ideas, and you could win the prize showcased in that post. There are so many various prizes: Blue Apron, Lululemon and Sephora gift cards as well as FitBit’s and a one-year membership to Nature Box!

But that is not all there is for you to win! Check this out – Nature Made® Vitamins is hosting a Sweepstakes, and you could win a spa vacation that includes a 4-day/3-night trip for two to the Red Mountain Resort in Ivans, UT. You can enter the Sweepstakes to win this Grand Prize by visiting and clicking where indicated in order to complete and submit the registration form for one (1) entry into the Grand Prize drawing

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or prevent any diseases



Did you Know that Probiotics Can Improve Your Gut Health? Try Probiotic Juices from Indian River Select Brand

Today I wanted to share a story that my husband had to go through some time ago. He is hard to convince with regard to taking enough supplements – he has certain ideas, and it is sometimes hard to explain for me why it is so important to not just treat illnesses to cure them, but to take supplements not to fall ill in the first place. Probiotics are one such type of a supplement.

My husband had an unfortunate experience a few months ago when his gut health was at risk. He ended up starting to read a lot about probiotics, and then finally came up with an idea that he should have been taking probiotics to normalize his gut in the first place. Now he religiously takes probiotics to ensure that his stomach issues are taken care of by the right bacteria.

What probiotics do to our bodies is still being researched by the scientific community. We know that they are important to take to ensure having proper gut health. I have just read that common probiotics can reduce stress and lessen anxiety, that gut bacteria can impact the central nervous system. Another study has shown that probiotics have helped elderly patients with learning and memory issues associated with the Alzheimer’s disease. A new study that just came out today actually claims that probiotics can even help with seasonal allergies – who would have known that?

So many reasons to start using probiotics daily, and these probiotics are easy to find – no doctor’s prescription needed. Some probiotics come in the form of pills that have to be stored in the fridge, others are available in much better format of juices – and these are so simple to take and enjoy!

Indian River Select Probiotics

Do you drink OJ every morning? Now you can enjoy your morning Indian River Select Brand Prohealthy Blend Orange Juice with the added benefits of probiotics – check out Indian River Select products available at Harris Teeter.

Not a fan of OJ? How about trying Indian River Select Brand Prohealthy Blend Grapefruit Juice also now available at Harris Teeter locations. Both juices are currently available in 1 liter bottles.

Indian River Select Probiotics

Do you often drink juices? You might want to sign up on the Indian River Select website to receive a monthly coupon for up to $1 off.

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