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Yesterday my husband was complaining about a cold he may have caught. We are entering the cold and flu season here, and despite the fact that we have all got our flu shots, I am quite sure we will suffer from a few colds here, all of us. Our kids go to activities and school (=Petri dish), and we all end up going to public places every few days, so we are definitely not going to be perfectly immune.

So, what to do? Simple precautions like washing your hands – a lot – will be the starting point. Avoiding going out in public places if you can help it, and we always try to do that. Socializing is great but when the whole city is plagued by flu, it might be a good idea to avoid some of the optional gatherings.

How to treat a stuffy nose

So, you have taken the precautions, and have still succumbed to a sickness? First and foremost, find out what it is – do you have a simple cold or a flu? How do you tell? Well, normally the severity of your symptoms will speak for itself. Colds usually have mild symptoms, and the flu will keep you tired, achy all over, and you will probably develop some fever. Read more…

Next, you can start treating your symptoms. Drinking lots of fluids helps a lot to relieve stuffy nose symptoms. Neti pots are very popular now to help clear out your nose. You can also use hot compresses on your nose, a humidifier or steam in the air to improve your breathing (I love the effect of getting a shower), inhale some eucalyptus oil (this is a way to deal with stuffy nose from my childhood, and it is still a great way to deal with the issue). Read more…

Other traditional ways of combating your stuffed nose include taking an allergy medication, a decongestant, or using a saline spray in your nose. Read more…

One important thing to remember is consulting a doctor. Sometimes you may be sure that you have a common cold, but in fact you might have developed a pneumonia, a sinus infection or an ear infection. This is a very typical scenario in our family – we never get away with a simple cold. That is why, while trying to take care of the symptoms, you should remember to use common sense and visit your health care provider if you need help, and the cold is just not going away. I am saying this because I live this every time. Every time the colds just don’t want to go away without a doctor visit, X-rays and often antibiotic treatments. Be sure to consult your doctor if your cold does not resolve within a few days, or your symptoms worsen.

How to relieve a stuffy nose

As I was just now researching this topic, I have found some cool advice on how to clear your sinuses – all you need to do is press between your eyebrows, and then hold your tongue to the roof of your mouth – apparently should help with clearing up your nose – who would have known? Read more…

Finally, the biggest advice right now for you – I recommend getting a flu shot. I go by my own experience – I have to say that I haven’t had a lot of really intense flu issues in the last few years as we always get flu shots every year now. It is always a personal issue, and my mother and brother don’t really care to do these shots, and I understand all people are different, and everyone has their own experience and resolutions, and I can only speak based on my experience. I know my kids and my family are protected, and the shots give them a bit of a better chance to only get mild flu symptoms if they were to fall ill, and this gives me a relative peace of mind, as I am usually beside myself about various health issues, just the anxiety of it keeps me up at night.

I know that the worst thing is to get sick, and even worse though is to see your baby or your child get sick – this is a real worry for parents.

I want to help out today by hosting a giveaway for a set of a NeilMed Naspira for Babies and Kids – this is a quick relief for stuffy nose. One US winner will be able to receive a nasal-oral aspirator (ARV $12.99) to get that protection for the cherished baby/child in the coming cold/flu season. Box Roundup will be mailing out the prize to one winner. Once the prize is mailed out, there will be no substitutions, returns or reimbursements.

how to treat a stuffy nose, how to relieve a stuffy nose
Stuffy Nose Relief

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