This past Thursday we went to Whole Foods for a block party! We went to our Lynnwood, WA store. There is also a store in Bellevue that we go to sometimes when we are in Bellevue, but we went to Lynnwood this time.

We don’t shop at Whole Foods very often. This time we learned about this free food party, and we decided to go. Basically, every department came up with a little pick-me-up type sample, set up a table to try them out in the store. You could vote for your favorite sample and be entered into their $25 gift card giveaway.

I liked the samples of watermelon salad, yogurt and berry sample, chips, candied nuts, but my most favorite was the sample of chicken salad with very fresh grapes! Have to try that at home some day! I voted, and hope to win maybe, but I haven’t got a call from them as yet, so I don’t know!

This whole party was devoted to bee pollinators. Pretty much every sample had something sweet, juicy in it. I guess that was the idea!


And…. here is the deal – I shopped as well! I had to buy a few ingredients for my recipe contest. I also had coupons for Whole Foods I wanted to use. We rarely ever shop at Whole Foods, so I jumped at this opportunity! I also picked up a new coupon book from them – but now I can’t find it in the house – typical me!

Here is what I got –

Unsalted butter $3.49

a slice of pizza FREE


Dubliner cheddar $4.99

Irish butter $3.99 (didn’t I tell you we love butter?)

flour for recipe $3.39

Juice Fuji apple $2.99

Salmon lox trim $11.04 (a huge pack – totally worth it!)

Chocolate $6.49 + $7.49 + $3.99 (this was too much here, I admit, should have shopped around but too late!)

Prune juice for the baby $6.99

Yogurt Yobaby $4.39

Organic coconut milk for curries $4.00

Grapes (I loved their look!) $6.29

Waters (the girls were thirsty) $1.98

Organic wild blueberries $3.99

Raw fermented pickles $6.99

Butter $7.98 (didn’t I tell you?)

Free eggs

Chips $2.50

Bison protein bar $2.00

Total $96.75

Budget in April so far – below zero – at -403.27

I have failed this month to budget properly. Better luck next time, but I am still below my $2000 expected food budget for the month, so I guess I am ok.




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