Today started great as I have been accepted to be a blogger on my favorite Moms Meet network! I have never blogged specifically for them in a blogger role before, so this will be exciting!

I have also been accepted to hold a Seventh Generation Home party today for my baby and my friends! That will be so fun!

Yesterday I finally got my free Snickers bar at the store – (don’t I have cute socks?)

photo 2 (20)

I also got my free Cera-Ve sample yesterday –

photo (18)

I am a cool freebie person, aren’t I?

Here is something I made yesterday for lunch – this is very gooooooooooey goooood!

This is just bagel with cream cheese and lox smoked salmon from Whole Foods! One of my most favorite things to eat!

photo 1 (21)

I am posting more pics on my Instagram account now if you like – check it out, and like me on Instagram, I would like to see you there!


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