Tonight’s dinner was a bit scrambled because my husband came home a little late, and the girls were getting ready to go to their activities, so there was no time to cook an elaborate dinner. I was going to make grilled cheese, but my husband suggested pizza! I am always ready to have some pizza! Today I had Red Baron to try out thanks to BzzAgent that sent me this pizza to try for free! I have had Red Baron before, and I love it. It is especially great for those nights or days when you are pressed for time, and want something cheesy and comfy to eat.

photo 1 (24)

Red Baron pizza turned out very well. I loved it! I had two pieces, and my kids finished the rest of pizza. My older daughter often does not like pizza because it is too greasy or too saucy, but she ate every little bit of this pizza. My younger daughter loves pizza, so she enjoyed it a lot! Here are some of the pictures of my girls I took today eating their pizza!

photo 2 (24)

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