I have to start with apologies since I haven’t been updating my blog this past week almost at all. My mind wasn’t in the right state, firstly. Secondly, I had a small gig I have been doing in translating, and I still have enough to do for another 2-3 days there, so I will have to be brief here for a bit. Thirdly, and lastly, I have been working on my new site Time4Giveaways trying to enter giveaways day and night, and that has been taking up some of my time.

We have had a birthday party we celebrated a few days ago! My baby turned 1! I will try to make a special post about that in a bit!

I have received A LOT of items for review, that I will be posting about, and A LOT of free items as well.

Here is what I have recently received.



The funny thing I don’t even know why I got half of this stuff. One item I got this week is an orange mug from Influenster. They send me a lot of stuff, and this one I don’t even remember why I got. I think I won it in a Twitter party. Then I got a purse phone charger from Crowdtap. Again, not sure why I got it, but I did! I also got some samples from Target.

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