Our Baby tried New Gerber Lil Bits

Just wanted to report on a new product we have tried recently. I have received a box from Bzzagent for a new campaign for babies – new Gerber Lil Bits food.

I think the concept is great – perfect for my baby! Basically, they use real fruits in pureed form, and then they add little fruit pieces to the puree, so the texture is not homogeneous, but your baby will be able to try out new textures, and it will be easier for the baby to learn to eat new foods trying out pieces of soft textured fruits.


I am not sure if my particular baby liked the food that much, but she is kind of moody with what she eats. She is not easy to feed in that sense, and may like the food today and hate the same exact food tomorrow, so it is not a big sample to tell whether it is great food or not.

We have some coupons we have got from Bzzagent as well, so we may try some other flavors of Lil Bits as well.

This is the perfect time for us to try these, as our baby is just learning these textures now, so the timing couldn’t be better than now to try them. I will probably grab some more of those when I go shopping next time, as she needs more food daily, as you can imagine.

I generally feed her with homemade food at home, but when we are on the go, we have store bought food more often as it is easier to carry around on the go than worry about a million containers to bring.



I have to say that I try to get her Gerber most of the time when I buy her food. The main reason is that I like the texture of their products. The purees are always very fine, and this baby has had some trouble swallowing foods at the beginning. She is doing better now with foods, but I still try to serve her more foods made out of strained and finely blended ingredients. I cannot achieve that with my blender when I am serving her meat, so I do rely heavily on Gerber meats for her. I just need her to eat at this point, so despite the fact that I always prefer homemade food, I do need her to be able to eat food, so I do use store-bought food for this baby quite a bit.

Disclaimer: I have received Gerber samples to try for free. I am providing an honest review of my opinion about the product.

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  1. New Gerber Lil Bites sounds like a good product for babies trying to learn new textures.