I would like to start journalling what we eat so that I can showcase that I am staying true to my budgeting challenge (and not just eating out every day).

Tonight we had some more pork, beet, orange, feta cheese, and walnut salad with orange champagne vinegar dressing, sautéed mushrooms, and gnocchi. That was a very delicious dinner. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken as we were rushing a bit.

Here is what I still have left out of my Full Circle box:

3 potatoes => planning to bake them

some spring onions

2 apples

1 mango

0.25 lbs grapes

I also have some old oranges, and tomatoes

Here is my budget for the month so far – 790.46 left in the budget.

Tomorrow we have a rehearsal before a recital, so I am planning to get some type of a to-go dinner for everybody. Hopefully, will try to stay within my budget, and use up some of the snacks that I have on hand. If I have some time in the morning, I may be able to bake something for the evening. I have a lot of cheese at home as well, so will probably use cheese for my to-go packs. I will have to think what to do here. I was planning to do some baking tonight, but I have just been working non stop on my two blogs, and time has gone by me again without giving me any extra minutes today.

I also wanted to share what I did a few days ago for a bake table. The recital that my kids are participating in, and we had to give some baked goods for a donation for the table. I have to volunteer tomorrow at the rehearsal, and with a baby, and blogging, and all, I thought maybe I could somehow just buy something for the bake table. Then I thought about what I have on hand, and I do happen to have some of the Girl Scout cookies still left in my pantry. We have been eating them quite a bit a few weeks ago when we just got them, and then they have just been sitting in the pantry. So, I re-packaged 3 boxes that I had into small bags with twisties, and now I have something to bring to the bake sale – yey! And I don’t have to bake in the morning wee hours tomorrow – yey! Well, if I do, at least that will be just for us. I will try to get a picture of it and post a bit later.


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