I have received my first Send Me Gluten Free subscription box today, and decided to make my first unboxing video! This has been a very exciting experience to try to video tape myself! Here is what I have done –

I hope it is ok for my first video, where you can actually see me!

Here is what I have got in my box for June from Send Me Gluten Free:

Vegan Smart nutritional shake (didn’t make it into the video, as it fell out of the box after my first attempt, and I forgot to pick it up), vanilla flavored – very nutritious, lots of vitamins – costs about $2.75 on Amazon

Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten Free – Crispy Sea Salt baked crackers – 4.5 oz pack – costs $3.59 on Amazon

Goya Adobo light seasoning (without pepper) – the perfect blend of garlic, oregano, and seasonings – costs 4.99 on Amazon

Lucy’s 2 chocolate chip cookies – about $0.50 on Amazon

Gorilla Power Bar – granola jungle with chocolate chips – 83% organic – about $1.10 on Amazon

Banana bread soft baked biscotti – Gluten-free, of course! – $1.10 on Amazon

Pineapple Chia energy bar from Amrita – costs $2.49 on Amazon

Chewable supplement – free sample for children from Symbiotics – $0.40

Aubrey GPB shampoo and Aubrey GPB conditioner – about $2.00 on Amazon

Coupons for $3 off Canyon Bakehouse bread, $1.00 Glutino Gluten Free Pretzel Product, $1.00 off Udi’s Gluten Free bread, Buy 2 get $1.00 off Crunchmaster Crackers, $0.55 off San-J sauces – total savings of $6.55 with coupons

Total cost of box if you were to buy all of the products separately on Amazon, without shipping is – $18.92 of product worth + $6.55 of coupon savings. You have to also remember that there are shipping costs and time of looking for these products that plays a role. So the total cost with all the savings is about $25.47 plus shipping charges and/or time to shop for these products.

This box retails for $24.85 ($19.85 box cost for 1 month + $5 shipping charges). That’s if you just buy one month subscription, but if you purchase a 12-month subscription, you will get each box for $14.85 plus shipping. That is a lot less than the cost of the products in each box!

This is a June Gluten Free box. I love it so far! I haven’t tried any of the products, but they look great! I am very appreciative of Send Me Gluten Free for giving me this box for a review this month, and I can send one box to my readers as well!


giveaway image

This is an example of what types of products can be found in a box, not the actual products of what you will receive, just so you know. Every month they offer a different set of products, which is great!
This giveaway will expire on June 19! Once the winner is announced, the winner will have 2 days to send me their
 first/last name, email & mailing address for me to give it to the company, and ensure that the winner receives June box. They currently ship to the continental US only (but hope to expand soon!) and we CAN ship to PO boxes if needed.

Send Me Gluten Free box Giveaway

Discount code

If you don’t win this giveaway – not to worry, please, use a special discount code BLOG20 at checkout to get your 20% off your box from Send Me Gluten Free – isn’t that awesome?





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