I haven’t been able to update daily on my challenge, but I have been keeping account of all the spending.

Sodas $13.71 + 5 dairy deliveries this month 5*$13.76 + $8.25 lettuce, chard from the farm today + $2.40 for strawberries + $5.99 for drinks +$53.06 shopping on Saturday = $152.21

Also bought wipes $10.99, paper towers $25.99, diapers $44.99, vitamins $9.31, vitamins $7.59, dishwashing tablets $12.93

Coconut oil $55.49 ordered on Amazon.

Total food budget left = $239.16

Cleaning supplies budget – $34.18

So, we are only half way done through the month, and we are already over half spent in both categories! We really have to try to save even more the rest of the month. I am not sure if we can keep going with this budget, I am afraid we will end up over! We have also finished most of the food we have bought on Saturday.

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