This past week we have been shopping quite a bit – we have also been enjoying our CSA organic box, and a lot of fresh berries we got. We went to Costco, QFC, and Central Market near us to shop. This is what we still have left from our shopping trips –

QFC trip today –

Zevia sodas – $3.99

Hot dog buns $2.00

Chuck roast $18.75

Angus Steak $11.42

Chicken thighs $3.77 +$3.81 + $3.57

Basil plant to plant outside $3.69

Food budget left $185.24


Central Market shopping trip

Baby food probably enough for 2 weeks

Corn starch for projects and baking

Coffee Creamer $5.59

Dough boy 2 packs of dough $5.38

Baby yogurt $4.49 + $4.49

Tillamook unsalted butter $5.00

Soda Stream carbonators $29.98

Total bill $95.33 (ouch!)

Food budget left to spend – $92.29


Costco trip

Wine $5.99 +$6.99

Strawberries $6.49

Cherries $9.99

Guacamole singles $9.99

Blueberries $5.79

Hummus $5.99

Turkey $11.78

Pork belly $14.41

Country ribs $17.07

Sliced Italian sausage $10.99

Mini babybel $11.69

English muffins $3.49

Organic bananas $1.99

Beef hot dogs $12.99

Irish cheese $11.08

Pita bread $2.99

Muffins $3.99

Cucumbers $3.99

Coconut pineapple muffins $7.99

Simple bites snacks $7.99

Ice-cream drumsticks $9.99

Orange chicken $14.79

Cascade $9.39 + $9.39

Mozzarella snacks $8.59

Bacon $9.49

Powdered sugar $2.79

Chicken nuggets $12.99

Chicken patties $13.79

frozen organic peas $6.19

Salted butter $7.49

Creamy peanut butter $9.99

Heavy cream $7.99

Sweet potato snacks $7.59

Food budget = $-224.83

Cleaning and pharmacy budget = $-7.59

We also went to American Girl Doll restaurant with my girls on Friday. I love this restaurant, but doesn’t it feel weird when some people who eat out there actually don’t have any children or dolls with them. I find that to be a bit odd. There are plenty of other restaurants around where you don’t need reservations, but grown-up ladies actually prefer to go and eat at American Girl Doll restaurant. Sometimes I see grown-up ladies posing in front of the store with their American Girl dolls and without any children in sight. I just hope they have bought those dolls for their children. Otherwise, I just feel like some people never grow up, I guess. Anyway, our bill there was about $60. So, my food budget now for the month is at $-284.83. Man, we eat too much and too well!








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