I have been slacking the whole month of July with my budgeting, I just didn’t have time. I will try to catch up this month. I think I spent more than my allotted $800 for food in July. I think I spent less for cleaning than my allotted $300. I don’t think it is a wash in the end, I think I am still spending more than what I would like to spend.

So far my lessons in my budgeting are the following –

– The food prices are growing so fast! We are trying to eat well, and it is hard to do that on a relatively small budget.

– We are still not being too careful with our food. We are not wasting a lot of food, we are composting all scraps, and trying hard to eat leftovers, but are still unable to reduce the food spending substantially without compromising the quality of products we eat.

– We have been eating a lot of veggies from the garden. However, the food delivered, and store trips make a big budget dent. Our goal is to be self-sufficient, not to depend on deliveries and stores, so we have a lot to work on here!

So far this week we went out once to a restaurant – spent $72. We also went to a farmers market, and spent $32. We also shopped at Trader Joe’s and at Albertson’s, and I will update the amounts tomorrow from the receipts to show my budget so far this month.

This month we have to also purchase more meat for the year, as we did last year, and it has lasted us the whole year!

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