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Recently I have found a nice new box to explore! This box comes full of artisanal items. The website of Chatsworthgoods is full of great hard-to-find mixes and snacks. I am always in search of great products to try, and this was no exception – I have never seen any of the products that Chatsworthgoods offers in stores, so I was extremely excited to try these out!

The website of Chatsworthgoods offers a great selection of cocktail mixes, small batch products like syrups, artisanal waters, mixers, drinking vinegars, even Peach Bellini mixers. I am not much of a cocktail maker, so I need all the help I can get to fix a drink, preferably mixing some parts mixer, some parts alcohol and be done with it. I would love to be able to make cocktails from scratch, but this is just not something I know how to do yet, so these mixers are perfect for a new cocktail makers like myself.

I got to try their box set of Simply Crafty Cocktail Mixers, which is awesome, by the way. This particular set is on sale right now for $39.95 online on their website.

Here is what this set includes –

1 x Owl’s Brew – White and Vine (32 fl oz)
1 x Pok Pok Som Drinking Vinegar – Pomegranate (16 fl oz)
1 x American Juice Company – Ginger Gershwin (16 fl oz)

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We made Moscow Mule cocktail version out of Ginger Gerschwin mix and vodka.

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Then we made a pomegranate drink with the drinking vinegar mix and sparkling soda using the recipe that was on the package. The only thing my husband changed was adding 4 parts drinking vinegar instead of 3, and not using any ice cubes. This drink didn’t turn out that well, we are also not great fans of acidic drinks anyways, so this didn’t go as planned.

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The third drink we made was with the Owl’s Brew mix, and that was delicious.

This set is a great value. If I were to make these mixes myself, I would have to pay a lot more. Moscow mules, for example, we generally make with ginger beer, and this beer can cost as must as this whole set of mixes just to make a few drinks.

We also got to try Smoked Nib Brittle. It was very delicious chocolate. This brittle is part of their Crafty Crackly Candy box that is available for subscription. If you are into candy like me, this box is perfect to subscribe for!

The website itself, aside from subscription boxes, has a lot of very hard to find products. Most of these I have never seen in regular stores, yet they will make your dining table much better, and will let you enjoy your food more, and let you create much more complex flavors. All of these products are very reasonably priced. I will definitely recommend their saffron, truffle oil, cherry bitters, mustard, bourbon vanilla products, and ketchups. There are quite a few options available of all types of products, and I am sure you will not leave empty handed after shopping on Chatsworthgoods website.

They also offer a 20% discount on their products for social sharing. All you have to do is share their website, and you will get 20% off already cheap products that you will not find in your local grocery store – what else to say, this is a good deal!

I have received the product for free for a review to test it out.

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