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I have been so busy with reviewing products that I haven’t had a chance to make an update post on my budgeting. I have created this blog mostly in order to transform our finances as a family. I wanted this blog to be my motivator to keep on with trying to save money weekly, plan my meals, and get more organized.

Changes these few months

I have started blogging full-time at the end of March, and I didn’t expect to see my blog turning its gears completely, and becoming a poster for giveaways happening in the blogging community, and my product opinion reviews. I have learned so many things along the way about blogging, and I have definitely changed my blogging focus a bit.

Getting back to the right course of action

The biggest problem right now for me with blogging is staying on the right track. I sometimes get overwhelmed with the tasks on hand, and my anxiety gets the best of me. I know what I want to write about, and when, but sometimes I am only able to get 1/3 of my tasks done. Just as I was writing these words, my baby started crying, and I had to go feed her, and now I am back. Sometimes in these situations I just have to go to sleep as I get tired, and then I can’t continue my work load for that day. I have to start getting more accomplished, or plan better.

Now for this post

My goal today is to write about my budgeting plans for this coming month. I have tried to budget $300 for cleaning supplies, and about $800 for all the food supplies per month, and that just does not work out. We end up eating out too much, or spending money on things that we don’t necessarily need but want to get, and then my budgeting goes out of the window. I always try hard though, and this month I will try hard as well.

My overall goal for this month

I want to attempt to write an update blog post every day, and though I have been unsuccessful with that for the last month or two due to various reasons, and due to getting distracted onto other blogging tasks, I will make a commitment to this today – I will try to post an update every day on my budgeting, and hope to achieve that.

Day 1 Updates

Day 1, October 1: budget $300 cleaning +$800 food – no shopping, nothing spent.


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