One of the goals of this blog is for me to have accountability. I don’t live with my parents so I am not really accountable to anyone in terms of what I buy, eat and spend, and it is hard for us as a family of five when we love to eat good, high quality ingredients so much to stay in budget. This summer and fall we have been receiving premium quality vegetables and fruits, and have not been particularly trying to save money. I think we will try harder every month.

October wasn’t as good as I hoped. I had so much work on reviews, giveaways and such on my blog, that I wasn’t very careful about following through with my budgeting goals, AGAIN. This has been continuing for too long, I have to be more responsible.

This month so far here are the expenditures that I know of – as I have said before, when my husband shops by himself, I cannot control him, and he does not keep any receipts, so this would be an effort of futility to try to police him and follow as to what he spends.

Here is what we’ve got so far this month:

Restaurant for birthday celebration – approximately $180

Shopping trip beginning of last week – $67

Second shopping trip – $101.94 (left from this trip still – chips, marshmallows, crackers, peanut butter, soup pasta, bread, some baby food, beer, white wine, pork roast, breakfast sausage 2 packs, bacon, bananas, 1 avocado, ricotta cheese, Kerrygold cheese).

Papertowels, toilet paper – around $41.85

Lunch today – approximately $19.00

Totals – food spent $390.79, cleaning – spent $41.85

(I still have to account for the dairy, and all organic produce has been prepaid in October).



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