I am trying to write everything down this month – what we eat, what we spend, what we do. I have been successful posting some of the meals, but not all, I will try to work on it!

Here is the breakdown of what we have spent so far this month – $116.31, $31.70, $45.68, $56.24

Here is what my budget looks like now – budgeted $800 for food, $300 for cleaning

Left for food – $550.07; left for cleaning supplies – $300. So far doing well with the budget!

Here is what I have from the last shopping trip still on hand –

salad mix



raw turmeric

persimmon – 2

celery root


pine nuts



sour cream

yogurt snack pack

some smoked salmon

4 packs of cream cheese

dijon mustard


canned prunes

3 pears

some green apples

This coming week, on Tuesday I am expecting a new veggie delivery from Klesick Farms, hopefully will not disappoint. Here is what is going to be included in the box –

5 Cameo apples – for snacks

3 Concord pears – for snacks

1.5 lbs satsumas – for snacks

6 Russet potatoes – 2 meals of potatoes

1 5oz packet of spinach – 1 spinach meal

1 pack of green onions

1 green cabbage – 2 meals of sides

0.4 lbs of tomatoes – for salads

0.4 lbs of Bell peppers – for salads

Here is what I think I will be cooking this coming week, now this will be subject to change as I may consider some new recipes to try as well. We are mostly eating pork all the time now, which is great because it is just so delicious!

Saturday – celery root, turnip and apple slaw, mushroom side, salad with lettuce and veggies, start bread starter, bake chocolate cake with sour cream

Sunday –

Monday – bake cheesecake with cream cheese (need recipe)

Tuesday – baked potatoes, spinach side

Wednesday – mashed potatoes, salad

Thursday – cabbage slaw

Friday – hot cabbage slaw

Saturday –

Sunday –

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