I was so lucky to have been chosen as the winner in Tokyo Treat giveaway this month, and I just received my box yesterday! My family was so happy – they couldn’t believe we have received a box all the way from Japan! What a treat – hey, it’s Tokyo Treat! This is something I will remember forever! I may never be able to visit Japan, and have only seen it on TV. Our stores do not carry all the multitude of snacks and treats from Japan, so getting this was so precious, especially since I love to review subscription boxes!

This box is from December this year, 2015. So far we haven’t tried everything in it yet, so I will be updating my review as we try more products in it.

I have received their premium box with 14 items in it. This box retails for $34.99 per month, which is not that much considering it comes with candy and snacks, specialty items, and is shipped for free!

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The box came with all authentic snacks, and with a guide in English as to what is in the box. That is great since nobody in our house speaks any Japanese, and we are thankful that someone will hold our hand through understanding this foreign language, and explain what to expect in each package. It also helps if you were to give some of the treats away if you don’t like some flavors, or know someone who would want to try them. I know it will be hard for me to try any of these, as my kids will probably fight over them as it is.


Here is what came in the box:

  • Chirin color chocolate pen
  • Meiji Banana Chocolate
  • Meiji Cotton Soda Gum
  • Glico Light Potatoes
  • Fun Christmas Caramel Powder Snow – perfect for the season!
  • Majomajo Neru Neru – this is some sort of DIY candy. I am not familiar with DIY candy, but sounds like a fun way to eat, and they are popular in Japan, so it says.
  • Lotte Star Wars Bikkuriman E123 – even Japanese candy box is about Star Wars!
  • Meiji Gochi Gumi Cola – sounds delicious!
  • Coris Sharitto Puru Gums
  • Calbee Hard Fried Potato Ride
  • Snowman Ramune Special
  • Riddle Puchitto – another DIY candy
  • Matcha Collon – love matcha tea, so looking forward to this treat!
  • Meiji Cream and Caramel

I can’t wait to try these treats, and write about them, and for now enjoy the pictures!

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