I have received a new box some time ago for a review – and this box is one of my favorites so far!

Hole in Wall subscription box - Seattle themed

It is called Hole in Wall, and it is themed “Seattle” – and that is where I live! I know so much about the brands that are part of this box, and I am so excited to share my knowledge with the readers! The curators of this box did a great job putting it together, as it has all the things that you will crave and rave about after visiting Seattle. As I live here, I often wish I could buy more of these products, as they are available here in downtown and in select shops, but they cost quite a bit, and it is lucky for the subscribers of this box to be able to try and get these items all in one box, with a great discount.

My most favorite items in this box are chocolate covered cherries (duh! – if you know me), dried Bosc pears by Tiny Organics, and orange honey hazelnuts. I have seen these products before, I have had some of them, or heard of the companies as they are famous in Seattle. It is so fun to be able to review a box that is so close to heart to me, as I am familiar with the companies, and know that they are the goods – they were picked very well, and they represent the city so well! Of course, obviously, you can always find a million other companies that we have here, but the box is only so big, and I am so impressed with the style, the choices that were made to put this box together – this is a truly amazing box to have! I hope everyone will sign up – I am pretty sure I will.

I have made a video of me opening the box and talking about each item in it – enjoy!

Here is a bit more about the products:

  • A pack of Bosc Pears by Tiny’s Organic – this is a famous company in the city that sells organic fruits and vegetables at our markets, and has vegetable box delivery. At Pike Place Market – the most famous market in Seattle – they sell freshly made juices, cider, smoothies, as well as their fruits and veggies. We love them in Seattle, and I am happy to see their product in the box – I know the quality of the fruits that went in it is incredible! The dried pears are worth $2.99
  • Chukar cherries – this is a real treat. You can taste these at Pike Place Market if you are visiting (be sure to do that!) or have them in his box – lucky! These are amazing and cost $3.99, however, I believe you might pay more at the market for them – I cannot believe I am actually even getting a deal here!
  • Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards Orange Honey Hazelnuts – these are incredible! I have had them before at various markets in the city, and they are local – from Lynden, WA – and cost $5.99 for this pack
  • Jonboy whiskey and smoked salt caramels – I have never heard of these, and they cost $10 – hand-crafted.
  • Seattle salt from Herbnfarmnw – this company sounds familiar, and the product looks amazing – we love using finishing salt when cooking, and this particular salt is with lavender, sage and thyme, and costs $7
  • Boehm’s Candies milk chocolate with the view of Seattle Harbor with the Seattle Tower, the Sound, Pike place market, the ferry, and Mount Rainier – these are all familiar places for me as they certainly represent Seattle, and can give a peak to what this city is all about – this chocolate bar sells for $2.95
  • Herbal Lip balm from Moon Valley Organics – and this one is vanilla flavored! I am not familiar with this particular company, but who wouldn’t want an organic lip balm? This one retails for $2.99
  • Healing Hemp Lotion by the Fay Farm is the final product in the box. Again, I am not familiar with this product, but I know Whidbey Island where the company is from, and that is one of the most picture-perfect place here with lots of farms. This lotion is worth $8 – and smells divine! I review a lot of lotion products, and this one may just be one of the best ones I have tried this week!

In all, this box retails for $35, and the value that this particular box adds to is over $42. The amount of surprise, and great taste that come with the box do not have value. Who has the money to travel to every city and get the best products? When we travel, we have a strict budget, and may be able to try some hot foods and snacks here and there, but we can never grasp so many, or for this price! Try going to the market here – you’ll spend more on gas and parking, let alone any food, plane tickets and hotel you would want to pay for. We only get to go to the Pike Place Market 1-2 times a year, and it costs a fortune every time to go there. This box costs less than what we pay for a snack trip at a fast food place, and will satisfy the most sophisticated craving! I recommend this box – I think this one is the winner! And I think this box is my favorite! You get both beauty products, and snacks – what could be a better fix for a lady? This Seattle themed box is amazing!

Here is their Instagram account – be sure to follow if you like the box! https://www.instagram.com/holeinwallbox/

Sample was provided free of charge for tasting and a review.

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