Here are some updates – we are in the winter season, and the weather is getting colder and colder here, so much so sometimes we don’t really feel like going anywhere out of the house, and just want to cuddle up at home with some hot chocolate, warm blankets, and sit next to the fireplace.

What a wonderful surprise we received a couple of days ago in the mail – our care package from @Cinnabon has arrived! The company told me a few weeks ago they are mailing me a package to entertain us, but I never expected to see or hope really what it would be!

I thought I may receive a couple of coupons for those amazing Cinnabons for a treat, but to my surprise we got a whole lot of treats in a box for an amazing family-friendly dessert feast!

Here is what we got –

Cinnabon care box

With all of these supplies we decided to attempt to make a new for us recipe available here for bonbites pops with Cinnabons and fixings! There are so many modern recipes that are perfect for kids, and that can liven up any party – make a decoration bar for your guests and they can enjoy self-decorated pops of flavor and yumminess of little Cinnabon pops that melt in your mouth, and will be forever memorable! I know my family will never forget this treat, thank you Cinnabon!

Here are some pictures of my family enjoying the goodies

Cinnabon care package

Cinnabon care package

Samples were provided free of charge.

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