This past week we got to try out a new food box delivery by Terra’s Kitchen. Placing an order was fast and easy – and this box has a lot of advantages compared to some other boxes that I have tried out.

The recipes are quick to make, and do not change that much from week to week – so, you can choose your favorites, and try them out, which we did, and then you could pick up some of the new for your family recipes that I have never tried before and try them out. After that you can make a somewhat of a rotating schedule with the dishes that you have liked the most – now you will know the recipes, and it will be such a pleasure to receive everything packaged and measured for you.

As a lot of people with families are so busy at work every day, and often don’t have a big kitchen with storage for every possible spice, it is nice to get a food subscription full of fresh ingredients – we loved trying out Terra’s Kitchen delivery. Here is how to subscribe – all you need to do is to open up a new account on Terra’s Kitchen website, pick out your meals, pay your bill, and wait for your delivery. I could hardly wait for the box to arrive! Terra's Kitchen Terra's Kitchen I was at first a bit intimidated to get a huge delivery! It was so easy to open and unpack though – and took no time! I got my box, and then sorted the food by the recipes. Terra's Kitchen This past week we have ordered two meals in total for our whole family – and the meals were all the dishes that I knew my kids would be happy to eat as they are so familiar with all of the ingredients. Here is what I have ordered – Swedish Meatballs with rich mushroom and onion gravy, meatballs and pasta, and Spicy Honey Lime Chicken with Edamame Rice – tender chicken, sriracha, honey, lime, edamame and jasmine rice.

We have cooked the Spicy Honey Lime Chicken with Edamame Rice dish on Friday. My husband was tired from work, and I put the dish together all by myself. We usually either cook together, or my husband does most of the cooking as I have to attend to our toddler a lot, but this dish was so simple to follow and put together that even with the toddler playing with you, it is easy to be able to multitask and get everything prepared. Spicy Chicken dish The instructions for the dish were easy to follow, and the pictures showed exactly how the dish is supposed to look, so it was very easy to make it look just like it was intended. Making the marinade Cooking the chicken One of the best things about this recipe preparation was that the steps were well explained. All of the spices and fixings were provided, so I didn’t need to be looking for all of my bottles with various flavorings. One of the reasons that I don’t cook more Asian flavors is often the absence of these few important ingredients like edamame, ginger and lime – of course, I can get them in a store, but I never have time to properly plan out my meals, so end up deciding last minute, and I never have what I need, and end up cooking bland dishes. Spicy chicken dish This spicy chicken dish was very flavorful! I am so glad I picked this recipe, and now I know that I will be making this for years to come. This is one other reason why I love healthy food delivery boxes – you get to learn new recipes that you might not have ever cooked otherwise. Spicy chicken dish Spicy chicken dish Our second recipe we have tried was Swedish Meatballs. We made this one on Saturday together with my husband – he fried the meatballs, and helped me dress the pasta a bit. This recipe did not disappoint either. This is a familiar recipe for us. I thought that the meatballs were going to arrive already pre-made, but making them was so simple following the instructions – and you don’t need a lot to make them be tasty – the protein used was very high quality, much better quality that we usually get in the stores here. meatballs cooking meatballs The mushrooms were nice and fresh, and it is just so simple to put a dish together when everything has been cleaned up, measured and packed for you – all you have to do is open the packaging, and follow the instructions. Swedish meatballs Swedish meatballs This dish was so awesome – it was made in one pot. It is great that we had a nice cast-iron pan to use, and the cleanup was simple – no endless dishes to wash, just open up the containers that came with this dish, mix the ground beef in one bowl, and you are ready for making those meatballs.

Here is the overall verdict about Terra’s Kitchen box – you can get a very good deal on high quality fresh ingredients, and saves you a ton of time shopping and prepping everything. The meals offered are delicious and nutritious, and perfect for the whole family – hope you get to enjoy them like we did.

Here is a special discount code for you – BOX30. It’s good for $30 off first orders! Enjoy!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Terra’s Kitchen. The opinions and text are all mine.

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