Today I am so happy to announce a new giveaway that I have now running on the blog, and I promise you will not be disappointed! This is probably one of the biggest giveaway that I have organized so far, and it is all set up to help families that are welcoming new babies and have some more kids at home to entertain!

I know for a fact on my own experience how difficult it often is to find just the right gear for a new baby. Our story was no exception. When we welcomed our oldest ones we had no clue what we were doing. All of the different options in baby product stores were quite overwhelming for us, and basically we didn’t know how and where to start.

My mother-in-law set up a huge shower for us, and we got quite a few used items, especially important were the first stroller, the change table, the crib – we got everything gently used, and it was such a great joy not to have to worry about it. I think I even had a used diaper bag that I loved, and lots and lots of various important items that we ended up needing – we were lucky we got a lot of it figured out for us.

As our baby grew, and we had the second baby, we already had so many things to help us go along. However, some of the items broke, or got too old, and we had to buy a few new things. As the kids kept growing, we moved several times, and a lot of the furniture we had simply did not stand up to the challenge and broke down. We ended up buying a whole new set of baby furniture when we were expecting our third baby.

So, we kind of lucked out with our items. At the beginning we were helped a lot, and later on we already had the experience of knowing exactly what we would need, and we had more disposable income to be able to afford getting ready for the baby.

I know how hard it might be for a lot of families now expecting – some may not have the same type of help, and either cannot afford to have the necessary items, or just don’t know what they might need. It is easy to say – well, just read a book about having a baby, and they have lists in there of what you may need. The books are the books, a lot of them are outdated, and may not have the information young Mommies need.

Another issue that arises is if you already have small children and are expecting. Babies take up a lot of time and energy, even now as I have a toddler, I am running after her practically all day long. When you are expecting, you are going to need to create a lot of time for your older kids to have quiet activities – books to read, color and create, while you are busy with your new baby. A prepared parent with young kids is not only the one who has the crib, and the stroller, but who also has boxes filled with activities for the older generation of siblings – and those can come in handy when Mommy needs some rest or cannot give her full attention to the older kids.

So, I am setting up a new giveaway to help out – and we have got some outstanding sponsors for this giveaway who have agreed to provide amazing items that will help a young family get ready for a baby, and equip with some of the necessities. We have quite a few items that will be useful to both older creative kids, and the younger generation who need comfort and care.

U.S.Bilby is the first sponsor of this giveaway. You may recall a few posts about U.S. Bilby markers and U.S.Bilby bibs and giveaways that we were running the last few months, and this is the last giveaway that we are setting up as part of our Ambassadorship partnership with this company.

Our family has been fortunate to have had an opportunity to try using U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers that helped my kids create awesome art – they have colored plastic, created window art, stunning pictures working on black paper.

U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers

I have also colored a bit yesterday with U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers. I have recently created a set of coloring pages with fractals that I will be posting on my blog at some point, and I have just made a video coloring those pages with U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers. It was so easy! Of course, I am not the greatest artist out there, so, please, be nice in your comments if you want to comment on my art project, but I loved the colors that these markers create – all the pictures turned out super colorful and fun! Here is the video – enjoy watching!

My kids have also participated in a few videos using U.S.Bilby markers.

Another amazing item that you could win in this giveaway are U.S.Bilby baby bibs. My baby is always very cute wearing them – here are a few pictures!

U.S.Bilby bib with eagle

U.S.Bilby bib with fox

baby wearing a bib

In my opinion, you can never have enough bibs! These bibs by U.S.Bilby are great for any drooling, or spitting, and, of course, perfect for any little messy eater. We have been going through a lot of bibs with our kids, and the latest toddler is no exception – she needs these bibs otherwise all of her cute clothing gets messy.

baby in bibs

I find these bibs are a great conversation starter – we have received so many compliments and people asking where we got these cute bibs from when we have our baby wearing the bibs in restaurants! The bibs have one of a kind designs on them, with Americana patriotic images, and fun designs of quirky cartoonish animals. These bibs are great for either a gift, or to keep for your baby you are expecting!

U.S.Bilby bibs

U.S.Bilby eagle bib

U.S.Bilby deer bib

U.S.Bilby Lady Liberty bib

U.S.Bilby fox bib

These bibs are amazingly soft! You will know your baby is in comfort when she wears these bibs! The bibs always stay on well, and don’t unravel or fall off at the most important moment. They have no removable parts, and because they stay so secure on your baby, there is never going to be a concern about them falling off. The bibs stand up well to stains and moisture – and the fabric absorbs any spills, and is easy to wash once the bib has been used.

Another item that you could win is a diaper bag presented by CiPU US. It is an incredible diaper bag that you know will help you carry along any type of essentials for your baby changing or feeding needs. There are so many additional pockets and storage options with this bag!

I have just received this CiPU US diaper bag, and I can’t wait to share how great the bag is! Not sure if I mentioned but my old diaper bag that I have been using with this latest baby of mine has completely broken down – the strap fell off, and some of the seams unravelled. The bag did not last me that long, I was hoping to use it for later, when we are out of diapers. Now I have CiPU US diaper bag to enjoy – and it is so amazing!

The bag is super stylish! Diaper bags can be pretty weird looking, old-fashioned, and annoying. This diaper bag is the exact opposite – it is very well equipped, so fancy looking, and definitely will add to be an amazing accessory for your overall look!

diaper bag by CiPU

I love wearing jeans, and this particular bag that I got, and that is offered as the giveaway prize is made out of water repellent material that looks like jeans fabric, and will complement many of your jean colors. This bag comes with so many accessories – you will lose track!

At first I have opened the bag that I got, and found a few items, and took pictures of them.

diaper bag by CiPU

Then I found more items when I unpacked one of the supplied bags – couldn’t believe my eyes – so many useful accessories you wouldn’t necessarily think of when getting ready for having a baby, but that you will learn to enjoy when you actually have them!

diaper bag by CiPU

This bag comes with a foldable changing mat, two sets of shoulder straps – one for the main bag, and another for the supplied pouch, a special shoulder strap pad that will help carry the bag and make it easier and not slippable off your shoulder. The bag set also includes a cute buggy hook, and a retractable key holder.

Yesterday I have finally thrown out my old bag, dumped all the stuff from it out, sorted through it, and then put it all into the new bag! I was worried all the diapers, the extra clothing I usually carry just wouldn’t fit, but it did – the bag is super roomy inside, and has extra compartments for any valuables or anything that you want to separate from the main area. This makes it easy to have everything you need available for you when you need it, no need to search much.

diaper bag by CiPU 4

The lining in this bag, the fabrics used, and all of the parts of the bag are super gorgeous! So stylish – I can’t quite believe a diaper bag can be this stylish!

If you are amazed by the bag, and would like to purchase it, here is where to find it –

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Some more great items in the giveaway – all so important and helpful for babies and kids, and will help you get ready and organized to keep your older kids artistic talents flourishing, and to keep your babies in comfort and best care you can give them. Check the full giveaway description for all of the details.

This giveaway is sponsored by U.S.Bilby – your source for baby bibs and liquid chalk markers – and Box Roundup Blog. CiPU US is providing the diaper bag prize. The giveaway is hosted by Box Roundup blog – we love publishing giveaways and posts with activities and products for babies and kids! We have a great group of bloggers posting the giveaway, check out each blog if you have a chance – we are all there for you, our readers, and we are happy to read your comments to us, and are working hard every day on posting valuable content for you!

U.S.Bilby baby bandana bibs are great both for teething, drooling babies, toddlers on the loose, and all feeding and eating needs! Parents, you will be amazed to find how soft, colorful, and functional these bibs are!

Here is where you can get the bibs –

U.S.Bilby bibs

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If you are as excited about U.S.Bilby markers as I am, I would love you to check out their Amazon listing – the markers are very affordable, and I promise you will LOVE using them! The colors are simply remarkable!

Are you ready for the giveaway?

By participating in this giveaway your email address will be shared with the sponsor of this giveaway, U.S.Bilby, in accordance with their privacy policy.

This giveaway is for a bundle of over $250 ARV of baby and kid products plus a $40 Amazon or Paypal gift card, total value of $290+! One winner, US only, will receive 1 set of U.S.Bilby bandana baby bibs, 1 set of U.S.Bilby chalk markers, a set of art brushes, a pen bag, a crib sheet and a swaddle blanket, a CiPU US diaper bag, $40 Amazon or Paypal Gift Card.

Kids and babies giveaway

One winner will be selected at the end of the giveaway, and will need to provide a US residential address and phone number to claim the prize. Box Roundup blog will be mailing the gift card, the art brushes, the pen bag, the crib sheet and swaddle blanket, and CiPU US will be sending in the diaper bag, and U.S.Bilby will be sending the markers and the bibs to the winner. No other bloggers associated with this giveaway are responsible for the prize fulfillment. Once the prizes are mailed out, there will be no returns, substitutions or refunds.

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