Taking Care of My Health for My Family with SimplyBiotix Probiotics

These past few days have been quite taxing on us here. The older kids started school, and pretty quickly actually started to come down with all sorts of bugs. My husband was sick, then my little one was sick as well for some time. Finally either the viruses, or the overall stress and tiredness level have got under my skin, and I felt somewhat out of sorts for a few days.

All I could do was lying down and sleeping, and I had to be getting my whole family organized with their activities, helping the kids who were just getting sick, or were already recovering. It has been a little bit tough, I must say.

I think one of the best ways for me to feel better is when my digestive system is taken care of. I generally rely on probiotics to help me getting through the colder months when I know my immune system needs some additional support.

Taking Care of My Health for My Family with SimplyBiotix Probiotics

Company SimplyBiotix provided me with an opportunity to test out their new line of products, and I am happy that I have this great support now to help me get through the next few months. While my children are at school, and I am at home with our toddler, I need to be able to function at my best, to ensure that they can rely on me when everyone needs me. Kids themselves also need the energy to exercise and learn. There is no better way of strengthening their systems than providing them with probiotics that not only improve their mood, treating digestive issues, ensure they have healthy skin, but also provide immunity support.

When we think about the diet that our children get, we always try to provide them with the most nutritious meals. It is always hard to do if children are picky eaters. While we micro-manage every and each meal that children eat, and work with little wins, when children actually start eating their vegetables, we sometimes forget to look at the big picture, and see that it is also important to provide a great variety in diet to children, make sure they eat foods that will set up their stomach micro-flora for the rest of their life. As we know that they get exposed to germs at schools, we take them to a doctor whenever we feel they have caught a bad virus, and are really uncomfortable. That is true and important to do, and our civilization might have been partly wiped out by now without antibiotics, but we need to ensure that by taking potent medications, children are also getting a kind of an antidote to replenish the bacteria content of their stomachs, and to provide them with the necessary immunity to stay away from all kinds of bad bacteria and viruses. The only way to protect their stomach flora when they are not staying on a good diet, when they are exposed to viruses, is providing them with the protection of probiotics. If you are interested to learn more, read here about the benefits of probiotics for children.

After these past two weeks, I am really feeling the message of SimplyBiotix where I need to take care of myself so I can take care of my family. There is actually an Instagram campaign with this message, check it out with #simplybiotix #probiotics #goodguthealth #guthealth #takingcareofyouforthem.

Here is the photo that I am posting.

Taking Care of My Health for My Family with SimplyBiotix Probiotics

This is actually the mission of SimplyBiotix: Taking care of you, for them.

For me, one of the ways I find that works is relaxing my mind when I want to take care of myself, other than my physical symptoms and physical wellness. I like to do coloring activities, either together with my children, or just by myself. I have started learning how to make mandalas now, and I have recently made one for coloring. What is your favorite activity for relaxation?

As I was coloring my mandala, I started unpacking my new package from SimplyBiotix. I have been sent 4 different products that they are carrying, and here is some information about these products.

Taking Care of My Health for My Family with SimplyBiotix Probiotics

Gutsy is a great product for children. It comes in cute colorful packages, and in order to take it kids don’t even need to use water. This is a great opportunity to give a dose of probiotics for digestive and immune health for kids on the go – I will add it to our lunchboxes!

Taking Care of My Health for My Family with SimplyBiotix Probiotics

The other product we got is Oral and Sinus set of lozenges – these are good to support oral health and immune health, they are sugar-free and cinnamon flavored.

Taking Care of My Health for My Family with SimplyBiotix Probiotics

The third product from the line is called Gut Health and aims to help to deliver 2 billion live cultures and 7 beneficial probiotic strains ensuring that the good bacteria arrive to the gut alive.

Taking Care of My Health for My Family with SimplyBiotix Probiotics

The fourth product is Max Strength supplement that serves to protect live bacteria from gastric acid helping replenish the existing bacteria in the digestive tract.

Taking Care of My Health for My Family with SimplyBiotix Probiotics

I am looking forward to using the SimplyBiotix products in the coming weeks, and taking more control of my well being. Check out this line of products, and follow SimplyBiotix on social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/SimplyBiotix/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simplybiotix

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