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This week I have been testing a new smartphone accessory – Pinn, the world’s first wearable bluetooth clip combining a wireless earbud, speaker and display. Let me tell you all about it, what I have learned through my testing.

I was first a little bit intimidated to see this accessory – it looks a lot more sophisticated than any accessory I have seen for smartphones lately. This is definitely new technology that I think a lot of people are going to be using very soon – it is still so new, they just put them into production a few weeks ago after a very successful Kickstarter campaign – I am so excited for this product, to be able to try it out, and have a first-hand experience!

To be honest, once you start using it, there is nothing intimidating in it at all for the user, everything seems pretty straight-forward, user-friendly, and simple to grasp.

Here is my video showing what it was like to unbox this.

I was so happy to see how cute this device is. I can just imagine myself, and millions of others wearing this, and looking like perfect spies, or like casino workers or security guards, having these neat little things that can help us from having to hold our phone at every moment of the day. The other day I saw a young woman with a small newborn, going down the stairs at a farm, also holding her phone together with the baby, and I just cringed in my mind – I know if I were in this type of a situation, the phone would definitely end up slipping out of my hands and I would drop it down the stairs just like that. I always end up walking around and holding onto my phone. It is like a bad habit now, not only for me, for all of us. We are just holding on to these phones, waiting for messages, emails, phone calls, every second of our day now. Smartphones are indispensable parts of our modern existence, but wouldn’t it be cool to not have to hold on to them all the time.

Pinn - wearable bluetooth clip combining a wireless earbud, speaker and display

I love bluetooth technology for phone calls, I love listening to music through headphones, but both of those are always super bulky, and simply annoying to have to constantly carry around, and stuff into pockets or bags. No need now with Pinn, as we can listen to music through Pinn wireless device, as well as take calls, and even check messages.

Another scene I often see in downtown here are selfie sticks. People get used to them, I guess, carrying them around, but now Pinn can help providing that one button to click when taking a phone selfie – just stretch your arm, but you don’t need to press the phone button, you can click on Pinn button. I have used selfies sticks in the past, but I can’t see myself carrying those around continuously, so I tend to almost never take selfies. Well, now with Pinn, everything is different for me, I can take more selfies with this device, it’s so simple, and light to take on any trip.

One concern that I have with Pinn bluetooth clip is that it is so tiny. The device itself is small, but the earbud that it comes with is even smaller. I know I can try my best to hold on to it, but I never know what other people might do in my family, for example. I will never blame myself for losing stuff. 🙂 I rarely leave things behind in restaurants but this one is so small, this may become quite a possibility. However, if this device is lost at home, it has a finding alarm function that can help locate it at home. We always use this function for phones, it works very well, so at least for home situations I know I am all set.

Pinn - wearable bluetooth clip combining a wireless earbud, speaker and display

If you are known to hold on to your phone in your hands at all times to be able to quickly respond to calls or messages, you should consider getting this cute and professional looking device to use – it will give you a spare hand now that you can safely place your phone in your bag or pocket, and won’t need to hold on to it, this is so useful if you are walking in the city, travelling, or have to carry around bags with you.

After I have unboxed the device, pairing it with the phone was simple. The first thing that was necessary to do was downloading the correct app for this device, and I found it when I searched for MyPinn in the App store. The instructions in the booklet supplied called for looking for Pinn app but that was an error. Once I downloaded the app, I paired it through bluetooth settings with my phone, and started playing around with functions and using it. It is a great new way for me to use my phone, I am going to need some practice with it, but I am very excited!

Our world is getting more and more technologically advanced and equipped, it’s simply incredible what people are able to create these days. If you are looking for a gift for a busy professional for holidays, this will probably be one of the best gifts of the year – and your friend or relative will definitely thank you for giving them essentially an extra hand! What a relief! Find this Pinn device on Amazon

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