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The newest device that I have been testing is a set of Plugfones that helps with noise reduction and provides a new kind of awesome way of listening to music when you are busy working hard. This is a set of earplugs and earphones in one! A great find for anyone working a loud job and trying to get relaxed and motivated with a little bit of music.

Some jobs out there are related to a lot of noise that is unavoidable, whether due to the need to use heavy machinery, loud devices or just having to work in a loud environment. This can be extremely tough on the ears. Our goal should always be to do the most in order to avoid hearing impairment, injuries, or any stress, and at the same time have a way of making it easier to complete our daily routines by listening to some music. Music is everywhere around us. It is nice when it is calming, and playing in the background, even when we are busy. Of course, we have to be able to hear it playing in our ear. This is where Plugfones come in handy.

New Kind of Earplugs to Keep the Noise Out - Plugfones Guardian Plus

Plugfones are special cool devices that allow to reduce noise in the ears, and allow to listen to some music at the same time. The first thing that comes to mind when you see a set of Plugfones is that instead of regular earbuds that we are used to seeing, they actually have special silicone or foam earplugs that ensure that most of the noise from the outside of the ear is reduced substantially. Because these earplugs are so soft being made of foam and silicone, they are extremely comfortable to have in the ear, and can be worn for many hours. These earplugs will allow anyone using them to concentrate on the task on hand, but also get more energized, motivated and less bored with the music to keep the person company.

New Kind of Earplugs to Keep the Noise Out - Plugfones Guardian Plus

I have never seen such a useful device before. The whole set is just so compact, and the wires are very good quality, this set will not fall apart right after a few hours of use. I have never seen such a convenient to use device. I often see landscapers outside wearing big and bulky headphones, and I am always wondering if it might be not very comfortable to wear them while your hands are tied up holding something that you need to work with. I think smaller accessories like this one by Plugfones would probably work even better.

New Kind of Earplugs to Keep the Noise Out - Plugfones Guardian Plus

In my family my children are deciding which one is going to use them for now, they can’t decide, the older children both want it. It is often a picture where everyone in the house sits in one sitting-room, and studying, but wearing headphones while styudying so as to concentrate. I personally don’t like any noises at all when I am doing something important because I find both music and TV distracting, but my children love studying and listening to their favorite music. This set by Plugfones helps with tuning down all of the noises in the room to help my children concentrate on their assignments and maybe music that they are listening to. This product is great, and could be used in so many different situations.

New Kind of Earplugs to Keep the Noise Out - Plugfones Guardian Plus

It is interesting to note that there are two options available in this Guardian Plus Series set by Plugfones for two different noise reduction levels. Silicone plugs and foam plugs give different results. Silicone plugs have 26 decibels, and foam plugs have 23 decibel noise reduction rating.

Next time you are looking for best noise reduction headphones, noise reduction earmuffs, consider searching for best noise reduction earplugs by Plugfones to get for yourself – Get 10% off your order with save10now coupon code! There are so many great functions installed on these earphones – listening to music could not be easier with this model of earplugs providing the ultimate hearing protection and listening experience!

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